Samples Samples Samples don’t be afraid to ask for samples before you try a product. I stopped in Macy’s to see what promotions and samples were available.

The products you see would have came up to $258 for full size I like to know what I’m getting and testing how my skin reacts to it. Sometimes I just want a sample because I know department stores like Macy’s offer samples one day I’ll stop in Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. Depending on the attitude of the cashier they’ll say no just to be rude that’s why I like to be loud so the whole store can hear me or if she’s nice in general you’ll leave with a handful of products like you see in the picture. Never be afraid to ask for something that can be given to you. 

MacCosmetics: Studio Fix foundation in NW47

Clinique iD: Hydrating Jelly and Moisturizing Lotion

Chanel: Hydra Beauty Micro Serum (The Ultimate Hydration) because I have 2 I’m using this on my next 2 facials. 

Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream (Fruity Floral)

Gucci: MÉMOIRE (Eau de Parfum)


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