Why my LIPS is better than Yours

All-natural lips no injections or fillers.

Top 5 Lip Care Treatments

1. Exfoliate or use a Lip Scrub

2. Nourish or Hydrate

3. Embrace and enhance your natural Lip tint by using a nude color or gloss.

4. Lip Balm

5. I use the Steve Laurant Lip Oil ($20) designed to help soften the lips and prevent sun damage and is both moisturizing and hydrating.

Put the focus on your lips when it’s all about the lips. Do you know the chapstick tag line? Put your Lips first.

My favorite Lip Products

There are so many brands and products that focus on the lips and the industry is still growing I’m thinking about creating my own lip care product. I remember being told I should be a lip model and model my lips and then I usually get other compliments from men saying explicit things about my lips. I lost track of the compliments but they are flattering because I now lead with my lips and bring more attention to them. If my love won’t work I don’t know what else will.

I’m thinking about creating my own lip oil that I’ll add to Grice Beauty.

I have a lipstick from Cora Jakes Coleman that’s about 2 and a half years old from a gift bag.

I’ll accept lip stuff as a gift too.





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