31 Random facts about Me

#1 I want your mom to love me but if she doesn’t like me that’s cool I’m with you not her.

#2 I love hip hop and R&B that’s my first language and I do like some rock and pop.

#3 I have body scars from my surgery on my stomach and it’s not stopping me from living my best life.

#4 Teeth are very important to me that’s the first thing I notice when I’m looking at someone so if your teeth are jacked up work on getting them fixed like I am.

#5 I don’t smoke but when I did I started at age 13 or 14 and I smoked cigarettes and weed and I was a heavy smoker I stopped smoking like after 26.

#6 I love believing in people I give everyone that succeeding chance with me it’s either win or lose I believe in giving people what they asked for the first time. I take it hard when I get fucked over.

#7 I read best in my head and I hate being judged on my pronunciation and my grammar. Is that the same thing? I do take pride in knowing how to pronounce something and spell a word. Do you ever have that moment where you forget how to spell a simple word?

#8 if you can smell my breath you’re too close but if I’m in a conversation with you I don’t believe I have bad breath.

#9 I don’t like abusing government assistance I’m not someone who wants to be on the system just because for 1. I like having my Independence and I like that I can buy my own food and one day hopefully pay my own mortgage.

#10 I can cook when I tell myself I can I love trying new recipes and I have this new obsession with mukbangs so when I’m eating I just imagine myself doing a mukbang (lowkey greedy). I’m just over the fear of eating in front of people you can call me a fat girl if you want.

#11 I don’t deal with pest so I’m someone who needs pest control number on the fridge along with the emergency numbers.

#12 I don’t have sex toys but if I did it won’t be for the motion of the ocean some men need to humble themselves.

#13 I’m not afraid of physical fights I don’t fight unless I have to and sometimes I might feel the need to slap someone cuz I can turn into 2pac or Biggie so fighting is not a problem.

#14 Rich or broke I can be both depending on the situation.

#15 I go to an OBGYN frequently and I don’t have any sexually transmitted diseases TMI is never enough information.

#16 I don’t want to be a sugar mama because somebody needs to spend their money on me but it’s also an advantage to get the guy you want because nowadays you can buy anyone especially if they broke.

#17 I love open-toe shoes I like my feet and I feel like it’s really feminine for me I feel sexier in open toes.

#18 I don’t want to be with anyone who smashed my homies and I don’t want to smash your homies I don’t like that energy. Especially when it comes to creating family vibes.

#19 I love wearing sexy lingerie because I can back up my looks with my actions when I really like someone and I’m always infatuated by what type of guys are attracted to me. I know guys hate those baddies who just look the part but don’t have any actions with it if you know what I mean (what a waste of looks if you don’t use them to your advantage) lol.

#20 I think I snore but my doctor thinks I just need to work on my sinuses and blow my nose.

#21 I have never done anything with a girl (wait let me think) Nah I won’t talk about that time that can make or break a friendship. Nowadays you can buy girls too jk not jk girls want money. Not interested. 

#22 I do want kids but I judge too much just like they say men can tell if they’ll marry a woman in seconds yeah I’m the same way when it comes to picking a baby daddy. I can know you are trash but if I like you enough get me pregnant the guys I feel like that with never get me pregnant we’ll see in the next year from this date.

#23 I love smelling good I have never been the musty type unless I know myself I’m musty and it’s embarrassing when someone else has to smell it.

#24 I’m very loyal I will ride for years with someone I love even when I don’t see results or a return but that’s about to change. Bye.

#25 I don’t do domestic violence you can show me you don’t want us to break up in other ways (jealousy, divorce, and breakups) tends to lead to domestic. I never want to get a man angry enough to where he feels he have to hit me that’s why I never escalate a situation I rather leave before ending up in a love triangle.

#26 I have learned my lesson of guys wanting to marry me without getting to know me perhaps this (my blog) can be read before considering me for marriage. I will not be your way to the US or citizenship. 

#27 I have never legally shared an apartment with a boyfriend/husband where we both were on the lease. You’re just a roommate that sleeps over. Shade.

#28 I’m against our families being in our business negatively I need them to come get the kids so I’m not going to be on bad terms with his mom or anyone in his family. My family doesn’t need to know especially arguments unless I have a gut feeling. I can figure it out on my own. I’m heavy on making it out alive that’s why I never entertain men I’m not interested in, in any way just don’t want to attract stalkers who can’t move on. 

#29 I’m over the whole IG relationship I can be with someone and not post them but if I’m in love with a guy who posts someone else all the benefits stop and that will be his biggest mistake unless thats his way of showing me he moved on.

#30 I don’t knock people for their level of Education I’m more interested in their story and changed behavior. You can treat me like trash and be highly educated or from the streets and spoil me. Who you are as a person wins over everything. 

#31 I want gifts every once in a while I don’t like one-sided relationships like I said I’m not a sugar mama so I’m not going to be struggling to keep someone in my life vs doing something for them and it don’t touch me people make it easy to buy them. I can ask you for money to see a reaction or you can offer me things I won’t take if I didn’t ask for it. 

Photo credit: I took this picture in NYC 3 days before this post. 

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