I was Wined

Sisterhood of traveling wine in the Berkshires.

I’m a part of a local Facebook group called “Sisterhood of traveling wine in the Berkshires”

I have been wined.

This group is to lift women up and send positivity to someone’s life.

You can make up some sort of basket or bag with whatever you want depending on who the bag is for of course 21 and up to be wined. You can also juice the kids or any beverage of your choices such as soda, coffee, or tea so glad I been wined lol.

The goal is to make your person feel special. I can do this myself I wasn’t waiting around to be picked by someone who was not picking me you get the idea there are no rules in who you pick so if you want to play favorites you can.

Sometimes you don’t have to announce yourself if you wanted to do a ding dong ditch and be a fairy.

So many ways to make someone’s day.

This is when I wine myself I posted on my page and not in the group “It feels good one thing y’all not gonna do is make me feel like I have to be picked for something I can do myself. For the ladies being overlooked and feel left out. Self Care. Trust me no one was getting me a bonnet, Spa comb, and an edge brush”


This was a surprised Wine Bag by someone when I least expected it her reasoning was because I added her to the group. Wow gifts for adding her to a Facebook group so I’m due for some gifts just off my loyalty alone. 


I hope you found inspiration in creating a fun basket or bag just to make someone’s day and make them feel special I’m sure you’re doing that regardless of a Facebook group telling you. Have you done it for me? Why or Why not? based on your answer to yourself you should not be on this blog more than you have to with a heart like that. Email for cashapp or address. 


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