Help me find a Chef

If you have any tips and personal experiences when it comes to having your own personal chef and not a chef that cooks for you in your million dollar mansion but a chef that meal prep and have a menu you crave for the morning, noon, and night.

I was referred to a chef that does meal prep and a lot of my personal choices were not offered on her menu except one thing which was a Southwest Chicken salad which I believe was added because of my request I could be wrong.

How did I end up on this “now I want a chef’ journey? I was looking for someone who offered meal prep and a friend reached out to me and recommended someone she knew I email her for more details and she mentioned that she was also a chef. Never in a million years I thought I’ll be paying for chef services.

I’m not using these services as “I’m a brat” and I don’t have to cook I’m more so looking for ways to save me time and money on deciding what I want to eat and provide myself with healthy choices at the same time. The truth is John Collins (NBA) girlfriend/Son’s mother got me wanting a chef. She is such a influence on me.

Once we exchanged emails and she sent over her menu also stating “I won’t be able to get you into the rotation this week but hopefully for next week if things interest you” not only did I have to wait 5 days for this email now I have to wait another week for services. I do have patience but when a girl needs to eat she needs to eat I know there has to be a way better system than the one she presented to me she doesn’t have a website to add. I’m using this as my first chef experience and will not stop here that’s why I title this “Help me find a Chef”

She is very professional this is in no way shape to speak bad on her, her pictures are great for presentation and at this point, I just might be being a brat but in the end, you get what you pay for and I don’t want to pay for something I’m not getting. Picture up top is not hers. (Photo: Pexel)

Now if I can create my own menu with sides and add ons that’s the chef I want at this point my options are limited.

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