Razor Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Petite Miniature Electric Hub Motor Euro-Style Scooter.

Thank you BzzAgent and Razor for sending me this scooter for free (value $299) This is a euro style scooter that is really easy to learn I know it says 13 and up but my niece is 6 and my nephew is 11 she was so excited and she is still excited about it, it was definitely more for her than I thought. If someone can send me something to get my nephew off the game that would be nice.

I’m not sure if the seat has a storage compartment I was trying to lift up the seat and that never worked.

I taught her to know when the scooter is fully charged so every time the green light is on she calls me and say, “it’s ready to ride” she loves this scooter so much she sat on it while it was being charged. It’s a big difference from her previous scooter that she has to kick and push like a skateboarder (Kick Push: Lupe Fiaso)

The charger is not too heavy to carry around with you as long as you keep it in a bag the battery dies after 40 mins of riding so it’s best to time yourself if you’re gonna need more time, up to 170 lbs. I laughed at how much pounds I would have to lose in order to ride it, I’m a big girl.

This is our 1st family electric scooter my niece thinks it runs on gas, ” do it have gas in it” so far it’s good and non comparable I see Razor has come a long way.

2 thoughts on “Razor Electric Scooter

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