Estēe Lauder Companies

Thank you to my friends at the Cosmetic Company Store for sending me an influencer/entrepreneur package of top brands from Estēe Lauder.

To be recognized as an influencer and entrepreneur make me want to go even harder. Not working as much as I use to, let’s say I put enough work into where I can fall back and get packages sent to me without lifting a finger. God is good. Would like to do it on a higher level than the one I’m on of course not being married in a family, a girlfriend/wife of influence, being someone’s PR girl, or even coming from a family of legacy gives me all the encouragement to be the Ranisha Grice I am today.

I would love companies that make body wash to flood my porch with body washes that’s one thing I’m sick of buying.

Thankful to be gifted and blessed to have received beauty and skincare from their prestigious brands. The feeling of achievement, status, and quality is a great feeling.

I also got a 20% in-store coupon for any Cosmetic Company. Not sure if she noticed but the coupon expired 8/31 and I didn’t receive my package until the first week of September oopies. It’s all good I’m thankful for the free stuff if it means not spending money.

I don’t have the time to post every lipstick on me I did the best I can so if you want more follow me on

Thank you.

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