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Lifestyle, family, and self-care are very important to me which I value deeply, my blog is a space where you can get an idea of my everyday lifestyle and my reality. I’m here to lead by example by marketing my influence with some sponsored content.

Hi, I’m Ranisha. Welcome to my blog where you will be encouraged to go harder. If you want recipes, style inspirations, beauty recommendations, family fun and more this is the site for you. We’ll talk about doing things at home for a more DIY experience and how to discover fun things in your hometown or local area. I was born July 31st in Hartford, CT currently in Massachusetts. I’m laid back, chill, and cool I love conversations, hosting mini get togethers, and reviewing products. You can see more of my visual content on Instagram.com/cupcakebands I ask that you be genuine and continue to comment and engage. After blogging since 2014 I knew this was something I was going to stick to and some of you have watched me become all of these things and more. 

I currently work in my community with organizers, coordinators, residents, and more. Once I realized I could make an impact I wanted to let the world know I have a voice and I’m using it right here on Ranisha is Love I’m interested in fashion, makeup, food, health + wellness, working with brands + businesses, communities, and those of influence who want to build their legacy and keep it. I love helping people solve their problems when I’m not working you’ll find me exploring and discovering new things. Contact me

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Information and feeling can be expressed through movement, not just words. People are allowed to feel what they feel. Consider how much space you’re taking up and make sure there’s enough room for the people around you. Allow yourself to not just see the story that’s being done but to understand the context we exist within, from what’s happening in the world today to what bodies are cast onstage doing what part. Communication is very important. Notice when you are viewing things through a colonized eye or a de-colonized eye. Lists are silly. I didn’t know what I was doing and I still don’t and I am going to keep doing it. Just because I don’t like something or agree with it, doesn’t mean it’s not Art.

Do it with Love – Ranisha Grice