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Brand Manager that create content to attract pro athletes so they can transition from sports to business and keep their legacy. Coordinate events, host giveaways, discover products, review, and share brands, most importantly a creative, innovative and self-motivated problem solver that enjoy branding Pro Athletes. 1st Place Prize NBA All-Star 2018 sweepstakes.

Community Researcher for a Resident-led Assessment Exploring barriers to Participation in the Arts. I have participated in intensive research and action training during which I designed and implemented an assessment in my community. However, I was definitely apart of the decision-making and provided with the necessary training to build and develop skills needed to define, plan, execute a community assessment. Partnerships with the Transformative Development Initiative and Working Cities Pittsfield, I want to say thank you to Boston University School of Social Work Professional Education Programs for their Community-Based Participatory Research Methods Training.

Facilitator for Getting Ahead In A Just Gettin’ by World. Getting Ahead is an 8-week Workshop in this Workshop you will Investigate individuals and learn about Community Resources, Examine Social and Institutional barriers, and increase Social Capital. There are 11 Modules and my favorite Module is the 5th where my class learns about The Hidden Rules of Economic Class. Certified facilitator training emphasizes the importance of participants—called “investigators”—learning on their own. The co-investigative process uses self-assessment and other tools to build financial, emotional, and social resources by exploring the impact of poverty on participants’ lives.

Community Navigator for Working Cities. As a Navigator I learn from Meetings, I Plan meetings and events, I’m a Resource for those in need and don’t know how to connect the dots I’m here to bridge the gap, and I’m involved in Outreach programs where I connect with residents, community spaces, and help with community projects. Be a voice in your community and have a positive impact on the ppl that look up to you. Disclaimer I am not your Social Worker, Lawyer, Case Manager, etc I get it all the time where some people expect my job to be more than what it is I am simply a guide and help as a resource to support you as a resource and make those connections that need to be made.

Ranisha is a woman of faith that, empowers and equip those who want to purpose plan, heal, and tell their story. She demonstrated a great deal of problem-solving when she founded an organization called Charms of Love, solely determined to find a way to provide a clear vision of how we want to live and keep a focus on our respective missions for our target. Ranisha talked to people to find out their problems with growing, breaking free, and prospering.

Ranisha was on her way to becoming one of the most esteemed Lifestyle Bloggers in her community with an incredible legacy of LOVE which has since become a standard for believers.

Ranisha started her blog to be an excellent Lifestyle Blogger and Editor helping those around her, and from afar remain encouraged and had to change her way of thinking to lead by example she shares wisdom from her journey with everyone from all walks of life. She enjoys helping people, brands, creatives, and influencers by trying to reach millions of people and help deliver an unforgettable scene. Looking to connect, collaborate or join her team don’t be afraid to reach out. Make sure you check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about me.

“When I met Ranisha I got a good spirit, always know your market and keep your brand focus in mind” Datwon Thomas, Film Producer, and Editor in Chief – Vibe Magazine