Meet Ranisha

Ranisha Grice demonstrated a great deal of problem-solving when she founded the non-profit organization Charms of Love, solely determined to find a way to provide a clear vision of how we want to live and keep a focus on our respective missions for our target. Ranisha talked to people to find out their problems with growing, breaking free, and prospering. Ranisha was on her way to becoming one of the most esteemed Faith Writers in her industry with an incredible legacy of Charms of Love Retreats which has since become an industry standard for believers. Ranisha started her blog to be an excellent Faith Blogger and Writer helping those around her, and from a far remain encouraged. Ranisha had to change her way of thinking to lead by example she shares wisdom from her journey with everyone from all walks of life. She enjoys helping people, brands, and businesses by reaching her audience and helping deliver an unforgettable scene. Looking to connect, collaborate or join the team don’t be afraid to reach out.


Learning to be a great role model in her community volunteering at local churches, leading, and mentoring programs. Ranisha volunteer for many organizations such as The Salvation Army The Pittsfield Corp Community Center “Bridging The Gap” between youth and community service, and Bible School youth programs for school breaks and vacations. Ranisha also focus on women’s group to help broken women, church establishment, and women in her local community. Volunteering with entertainment & activities from the GAPInc for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk an inspiring opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors, and raise awareness about steps us women can take to reduce our risk of getting breast cancer. 


Philippians 2 May God bless you all. Yes, I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give each of you his fullest blessings and his peace in your hearts and your lives.

3 All my prayers for you are full of praise to God! 4 When I pray for you, my heart is full of joy 5 because of all your wonderful help in making known the Good News of Christ from the time you first heard it until now. 6 And I am sure that God who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grow in his grace until his task within you is finally finished on that day when Jesus Christ returns.

“We are all called to do something whether it’s for the limelight or your local community. I’m here to spread the gospel at any cost. Are you a believer? Do you know you have the same power that rose Jesus from the dead? Let’s take writing and blogging to another level I have seen pastors take preaching to another level there’s no reason or excuse why we as bloggers can’t. I would like to sit on the panel along with my fellow Christian and well-known influencers” Ranisha Grice

Its about sharing perspectives every other platform have their perspective. Faith and spirituality is just as valid of perspective – Pastor John Gray


“When I met Ranisha I got a good spirit, always know your market and keep your brand focus in mind” Datwon Thomas, Film Producer, and Editor in Chief – Vibe Magazine