Celebrate With Cookies

Edible Obsession

With a sweet tooth just around the corner, there’s no better way to tease it than with eating cookies. These cookies are not handmade by me nor was I sponsored by Pepperidge Farm. So I guess I cheated because I didn’t bake these myself however, I can and know how to bake cookies but when you are beaten for a time to bake cookies there’s always an easy way around something not everything has to be so hard. I love their cookies especially with the many flavors and texture choices from sweet, crunchy, rich, and chocolatey taste.

I hope this is an entertainment inspiration no matter what season you’re in cookies are always a great choice. These cookies are sure to wow whomever you invite over for dinner, party, or even just hanging out with a snack bar. Just make sure you give the kids at least 2-4 cookies before you stuff yourself, without realizing we can eat a whole jar while the kids are still eating their 1st or 2nd cookie.

Enjoy your cookie Social.





Tahiti Coconut


Milano Slices Peppermint Cookies


Milano Mint Chocolate


Milano Candy Cane


Soft Baked Sugar



EmpowerMint Sundae Ice Cream Social


Founder & Host: Ranisha Grice

ice-564944_960_720The idea of EMPOWERmint SUNDAE is for all ministries to gather and fellowship through Activities and Outreach (just like a craft fair with vendor tables) Craft Your Ministry. It can also be used as a celebration. Some people may consider this an act of Evangelism. I will be praying people are reached for Christ through this initial connection by someone planting a seed. E.M.S will push its way through the crowd and make its way in the hands of performances, poets, and testimony opportunities. Everyone can come out and have a good time. Is your church serving you? Do you know what church target who and what? Do your church help you? Some ppl are stuck in churches that don’t serve them and they became accustomed to the routine.

ice-123097_960_720ALL YOU CAN EAT FREE ICE CREAM. Imagine an Ice Cream Buffet. If you’re lactose you can still come out and enjoy fruit and activities. The Ice Cream station will have a number of flavors and toppings yes we want this held indoors because we want to freeze the Ice Cream as well as keep it fresh.

EMPOWERmint Sundae

List of Activities

  • Prayer Station
  • DIY Prayer Boxes
  • Free Bibles
  • Games and more.

Most importantly we want to survey the needs of our communities so we can get to the bottom of a specific group and meet those needs. If we knew the needs of everyone we would meet them. Are you meeting their needs? Or just bringing people together.

© 2016 Ranisha Grice EMPOWERmint Sundae 

Self-Care Sunday is what everyone says how about a milkshake on a lovely Sunday as part of self-care? let’s just call it EmpowerMint Sundae not only do you care for yourself but you also empower and stay empowered.


Where are my Ice Cream lovers? Do you have a day out the week you choose to have ice cream with the fam? I’m glad you said NO try Sunday’s for Sundae’s what better day than this. Let your family time be made of something more.

What can you do on EmpowerMint Sundaes? Celebrate. Celebrate what? Does it have to be your birthday to celebrate something? NO, so why can’t you get an ice cream cake because you want to celebrate life, end of weekly challenges, meeting your goals, getting your to-do list done, etc and the list goes on. If you’re not topping things off with sprinkles and cherries then what are you waiting for.


Ice Cream Shakes: There’s that one person out the bunch who just can’t be like everyone else and get an ice cream cone no they want a shake.

You can have ice cream over cookies, brownies, cake, waffles, and more. Sundae’s don’t have to be boring.

Cup or Cone: How about a cone dipped in a cup to be on the safe side. Don’t forget extra napkins.

Have A Contest: Fill a table up with toppings and let everyone create and name their signature creation. The winner can win a $5 gift card to Friendly’s or Ben & Jerry’s. The entries can have as many toppings & flavors as they want, The creation can only come in small, medium, or large. The ideas are endless.

Don’t forget about your Floats whether it’s chocolate or sherbet.

It’s time to get creative and go that extra mile who said you can’t be the one to give and name Ben & Jerry’s next flavor of ice cream.


​Are Your Doors Open?



People are surprised when the enemy walks right in knowing their door have been open the whole time the enemy will find a way in especially when you can’t trace no sign of forced entry. Don’t say come on in with this sweet little voice then later crying how do I get this thing out. Some people know how to say stop playing with God, but will have a celebration with the enemy. Why don’t churches have an impactful event on the Sunday before Halloween (promote a Halloween Service that will change lives) the best time of the year to evangelize and save souls, but will wait until Halloween day to celebrate with a dressed up lie. Don’t sit back and watch the enemy go to work and dress up your church to celebrate with him. Are people coming to church because they want to be delivered or are they coming because they want to have fun on Halloween? How do I know this stuff is real I had a co-worker mention he is a witch and Halloween is his holiday He takes every Halloween off work because he’s pagan. The month of October is the perfect season to speak on HARVEST. The best length for a series is 4 – 8 weeks.


Seal all closed doors and know when you are giving the enemy access to your Life & Soul. Unclean spirits know where to go and where to hide and they come in ways you least expect it. If someone isn’t strong in their spiritual walk and don’t have enough strength through Christ Jesus that is the perfect opportunity for the enemy to come or leave with some unsuspecting person. What are you doing to protect your people? Stop letting demons get comfortable around you.


Matthew 11:29 “Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls”

Ask yourself if Jesus himself showed up in person would you invite Him into what you are doing? You and I both know if Jesus showed up he’s going to be preaching, teaching, healing, casting out unclean spirits, and more. I try to stay away from those people who like to pray over demons, dress them up, and then have festivities with them.