Music Artist Young D of Wealthy Civilians putting on for Baltimore, Maryland

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Living a Dream with Shea Dawson

I am so excited and honored to have Le’Sheala Dawson aka Shea (bububutta on IG) I might start calling her Shea Butta my nickname for her. Let’s welcome Shea here and thank her for stopping by the blog to grace us with her presence. Some of you may know Shea and those who don’t Shea is the Manager of Team Programs and Player Services for the Philadelphia 76ers where she helps players at their appearances, and provide visiting families with a VIP experience in the Philadelphia area. Shea is also an NBA Summer League alumni working as part of the Game Operations crew in charge of getting the crowd excited and give you the Summer League experience you can only dream of. The girl knows her stuff especially in the business of sports and when it comes to serving others. Continue reading “Living a Dream with Shea Dawson”

Check Out These Beauty Secrets from Model Lynn A. James

i284289739492171832-_szw1280h1280_Let’s welcome model Lynn James. Some of us may know Lynn from being on Daddy’s Girls with Vanessa & Angela Simmons and modeling in the Pastry Show in Vegas. Some of you may know Lynn personally or just being in Hollywood, CA this LA girl right here knows her stuff when it comes to Fashion & Beauty. Thank you all for stopping by hope you have time to hang out and get to know LA James.

Ranisha: Tell us about your Love Always LLC. What’s the mission and purpose behind it?

Lynn James: Love Always LLC is my company that basically opens up doors for up-and-coming talented individuals. I never had advice given to me when I was starting my career. So I started a company that does just that. Love Always acts as an aid to the entertainment industry, by leading talent to an agency or management. The mission is to help as many talented people as I can when it comes to placement.

Ranisha: When did you first start modeling? How did modeling help you grow as a person?

Lynn James: I first started modeling professionally when I was 16 years old when I was signed to one of the Top Ten Agencies Marilyn’s, as the first African-American model to work with them. Modeling has helped me grow as a person because I have been able to visit other lands and cultures. Modeling has extended my knowledge of the world in general through traveling.

Ranisha: Give us a little history on your modeling career.

Lynn James: I have been modeling for 10 plus years. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best designers and companies. I’ve traveled to China, West Africa and many cities in the US to model. It has always been a dream come true. And still is.

Ranisha: I know you have been best friends with Vanessa Simmons for over 10 years. What is a typical girl’s night with Vanessa? What can I do at home with my girls that would be fun and inexpensive?

Lynn James: Oh yes! I love Vanessa Simmons! We have been friends for fourteen years. She is more than a friend because she is a spiritual friend of mine. On a girl’s night, we usually go to a cool decked out spa and relax. We also brainstorm and exchange great ideas and goals in business and in life. We love going to “Hot Springs” spas as well. Vanessa always knows the best spas to go to. She is a spa finding Guru.

Ranisha: What does Beauty mean to you? How do you shake off the critics?

Lynn James: Beauty is in everything to me. I see beauty in all people and in all things. I shake of critics by not ever entertaining their negativity.

Ranisha: What is your favorite at home Beauty Care treatment? What do you give more attention to? your eyes, lips, or skin? What does this product do for you?

Lynn James: I love using great body scrubs and facial masks. “Shea Moisture” has a number of great smelling body scrubs that work wonders on making your whole body soft. I have some facial masks companies that I love. Too many to mention them all but check out “Spa Day Goodies” on My Beauty Corner Show on The YouCam MakeUp App to see all of them.

Also, watch me LIVE six times a week filming my show on this App.

Showtimes are: (PST)
Monday 5:00 p.m.
Thursday 2:00 p.m. & 7:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 p.m.
Saturday 7:00 p.m.
Sunday 7:00 p.m.

There is also a LIVE chat as I film so you can ask questions and talk to me personally. I love talking to everyone who is present.

Ranisha: I see you are becoming the “Queen Boss” when it comes to Fashion and Beauty. What Beauty product is on the Golden Shelf at the Beauty Corner? Where can we find it?

Lynn James: My “Golden Shelf of Products” has expanded so fast over the last three months. So fast that I have not been able to keep up with them all on my personal website: Since I have been working with YouCam, I have been featuring all of these products on a weekly basis on my “Weekly Picks” shows on my profile (Love.Always.LLC) on the YouCam MakeUp App. I always tell where you can get these products as well. So check back every week for new products I add-on my profile.

Ranisha: Do you have a Beauty line or products that you are working on or would like to work on in the near future?

Lynn James: I would like to one day soon put out a line of Shea Butter. My mother actually makes her own shea butter and we call it “Diana’s Shea”. My daughter came up with the name so it is definitely a family affair. I plan on developing this more and putting it on the market in the near future.

Ranisha: I love how you call all your followers your friends. I think that is so warm and heartfelt. Are you always this welcoming with open arms? What are your challenges when it comes to people?

Lynn James: I feel like my followers and viewers are my friends because they’re allowing me to be a mentoring force in their lives. I always see the good in people. This sometimes causes me pain because I ignore signs of possible red flags in a person’s being and get hurt by their negative actions. But I feel better and happier when I am this way so I continue to see the good in people no matter what.

Ranisha: I have seen you reference scripture so I know your faith has carried you on your journey. What scripture has gotten you through the most difficult times?

Lynn James: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.” – Isaiah 54:17
God is the only one that hasn’t changed over the years. He is always there for me. No matter what. Glory to God.

Ranisha: We love the Motivation Station on the Beauty Corner Show. What motivation do you want to leave us with that will keep us motivated on our vision and goals?

Lynn James: Never give up on your dreams and goals. Write them down to make sure they have all the things you want in them. Cherish the rain because the harvest won’t happen without it. So when life feels like it is raining, know that there is a big breakthrough about to happen in your life! So keep going!!

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This Woman Is Holding Down The Hottest Producer Right Now.

img_7558I would like everyone to welcome Angela (Sango) Wright. Let’s thank her for stopping by the blog and dropping some gems for everyday life we are honored to have her as our guest. Angela is the wife of Kai who we all know as Sango or even Sangobeats. Sango is a well-known producer who creates his own beats, Sango has also clocked studio time and produced for Tinashe, Bryson Tiller, and Smino, just to name a few, and even dropped a collab album with singer and fellow Seattle native Dave B in the summer of 2016.

“For a long time, I’ve focused and dwelt on the word “Elohim,” meaning the God of creation. This word started to mean a lot to me when I was developing as an artist. I consider myself an artist/creator because I believe in my ideas and by pushing these ideas, my creation comes to life. The worst thing an artist can do is lack motivation and let their creativity go unused. I want to share ideas with other creatives and emphasis the true meaning of collaborating and uniting. Kai designed my logo and it represents one of my favorite verses in the Bible, Exodus 3:17, “I have promised to rescue you from your oppression in Egypt. I will lead you to a land flowing with milk and honey.” God’s promises will continue to unfold because of the obedience, discipline, and loyalty that He has placed in my heart” Angela founder of

ארץ זבת חלבודבש

Ranisha: How have becoming a mother changed your life?

Angela: Being a mother is having a new life. My life is Mateo. Everything that I do now is for him and it influences him. It’s amazing to see how he watches me and Kai’s every move and tries to understand what we’re doing and saying, so being a mother at 23 has helped me grow up a bit more and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. It’s funny because while I was in labor, all of the nurses kept telling me, “Oh, you’re 23? Perfect age to have a baby. Having a baby in your 20s is the best time.” I always wanted to be a mother though. God put that in my heart and I’ve been praying about it for years and Mateo is our blessing. Mateo means “Gift from God.”

Ranisha: After having the baby are you home more or do you pack the baby up and continue traveling?

Angela: To be completely honest, I didn’t really travel with Kai when he was out working all over the US/rest of world. I did a few times, but man, the amount of traveling he does is exhausting, and I give him so much credit for doing what he does. I couldn’t do it. I know I couldn’t. It’s fun, yes, but he’s providing for me and Mateo and I pray for his journeys. I’ve always been a homebody, so after having the baby, nothing really changed except taking care of the baby obviously. I am excited to take Mateo with Kai and I whenever I do decide to travel with him.

Ranisha: I know you like cooking and feeding your family. What is your favorite meal prep? Can we get a recipe from you?

Angela: Yes! I’m Mexican, so most of the dishes I make are what I was raised with. I have to say my favorite meal is chilaquiles. Super easy to make and not stressful. This is my mom’s recipe by the way!

Cut 3 juicy tomatoes in half and blend them with a cup and a half of water. Add any seasonings you like to this. I usually add cumin, salt, pepper, and chili powder. A little bit of lemon juice works too. Taste to make sure it has flavor. Grab a handful of corn tortillas and cut them into 1-inch pieces. Heat those up in a pan with olive oil until they get nice and crispy. I like mine golden brown. Cut up slices of onion and add that to the tortillas. After the tortillas and onions are getting hot and crispy, add the tomato blend that you made from earlier. Make sure the blend covers the entire pan and lets the tortillas and onions float a bit, but not too much. Turn up the heat so the tomato blend starts to boil, but not too long because you don’t want the tortillas and onions to get mushy. After that, let everything simmer and the tomato blend should be thicker than before. Taste to see if there’s any need for more spices, and if not, you’re done. I eat the chilaquiles with mashed black beans, queso fresco, and avocado. This is more of a breakfast/brunch meal.

Ranisha: For those that don’t know you are the wife of Kai who is also known as Sango. What is it like being married to a well-known producer? Have you mixed up and beats yet? I mean you have access to the beats are you giving away any?

Angela: I’ve known Kai before he became a well-known producer. We started dating when I was 17 and he was 19. He showed me what he loved to do and that was make music. At the beginning of our relationship, he sent me a lot of his beats and I thought it was sweet of him because the beats were named after me. We’ve learned a lot as a couple through his career. He was traveling a lot during school, so it was difficult for me to see him, but we made it work. Actually, God made it work. Being married to a well-known producer is no different because I see him as Kai. Not saying I don’t see him as “Sango,” but Kai is my husband and Sango is his job and I pray daily that God blesses him through his talent. It’s funny you ask that! No, I haven’t given away any beats, but I do show my friends and family what Kai has been working on.

Ranisha: Where is your favorite place in the house when you want to get away from all the noise? Have you soundproofed any walls yet?

Angela: Oh man, since we live in an apartment in south end Seattle, there’s not really a place to get away from the noise, but I’ll say our bedroom, haha. Kai does a good job of letting me have some “me time.” I’ll see him holding Mateo on his lap while he’s making music. Mateo doesn’t seem bothered because all he sees is the colors and movements on Kai’s laptop.

Ranisha: What is it you and Sango do to find your inner kid? What keeps you young?

Angela: We game! Yes, we love gaming. We’re really into Nintendo. He’s really into 2K (eye roll). We have a WiiU, PlayStation 4, and a Nintendo 3DS.

Ranisha: Do you feel left out when the baby and Sango take off and do their own thing? Or are you like yes me time.

img_7559Angela: Yes, me time definitely. Most of the time, it’s difficult for me to even leave the room Mateo’s in because the second I stop being around him, I get emotional because I’m in constant need of holding him and kissing him. When I do really need some me time though, I’ll ask Kai to take care of Teo while I read, go on Netflix/YouTube, the usual stuff.

Ranisha: I know that you are a woman of faith and scriptures mean so much to you. What is your favorite scripture that keeps you strong and moving forward? Can you share an experience on why this scripture means so much to you?

Angela: I think I go through a verse every year that means a lot to me. I’ll tell you the most recent verse that has been really touching my soul lately: 1 John 4:19, “We love because He first loved us.” That verse came with a lot of conviction these past few months. To be honest, it’s really hard for me to love on people. I’m always skeptical of others, especially the people who try to come into Kai’s life. There’s a lot of negative influence out there in the world, so it’s hard for me to see past people’s personalities that I disagree with. The more I pushed people away, the less loving I was to myself and to my family. God spoke to me and said, “If I’m giving you new mercies and love every day, why can’t you do the same to others?” Wow, that made me burst into tears. Who am I to not love others? What makes me think that they’re undeserving? None of us are deserving of God’s love, but He loves us anyway and He wants us to love others the way He loves us.

Ranisha: What projects are you working on? What can we look forward to?

Angela: Before Mateo was born, I would blog a wisdom post every Monday and I’m hoping I can get some time in this week to continue that!

Ranisha: I’m loving Sango Design. Do you have a favorite item you wear for comfort or all the time? Where can we find it? I’m going to be looking for mine in the mail.

Angela: Yes! Any of his North T-shirts are comfortable. Those were discontinued a while back, but I know you will love his ITCO merch that will be coming out when he goes on tour pretty soon! His designs for that are really on point.

Ranisha: What is it you want to tell the young girls who look up to you as a role model for inspiration?

Angela: I want young girls or anyone for that matter to know that there’s more to life than what we see on social media. Bring your eyes up to see what’s in front of you and experience the moments you have now.