35 Questions with Ranisha Grice

1. Describe yourself in a hashtag? Hashtag #Lipfluence it’s all about the Lips. Continue reading “35 Questions with Ranisha Grice”

The Woman in Charge Of The Cinderella Project Lisette Franco

Let’s welcome advocate for equality, and explorer Lisette Franco Founder and President of Gadzuric Foundation. If anyone knows how to fight it’s this woman right here.  Continue reading “The Woman in Charge Of The Cinderella Project Lisette Franco”

NBA Sister Indi Johnson

Welcome our guest NBA sister Indi A Johnson sister of Philadelphia 76ers Center Amir Johnson. Continue reading “NBA Sister Indi Johnson”

Living a Dream with Shea Dawson

I am so excited and honored to have Le’Sheala Dawson aka Shea Butta I might start calling her Shea Butta my nickname for her. Let’s welcome Shea here and thank her for stopping by the blog to grace us with her presence. Some of you may know Shea and those who don’t Shea is the Manager of Team Programs and Player Services for the Philadelphia 76ers where she helps players at their appearances, and provide visiting families with a VIP experience in the Philadelphia area. Shea is also an NBA Summer League alumni working as part of the Game Operations crew in charge of getting the crowd excited and give you the Summer League experience you can only dream of. The girl knows her stuff especially in the business of sports and when it comes to serving others. Continue reading “Living a Dream with Shea Dawson”

Check Out These Beauty Secrets from Model Lynn A. James

i284289739492171832-_szw1280h1280_Let’s welcome model Lynn James. Some of us may know Lynn from being on Daddy’s Girls with Vanessa & Angela Simmons and modeling in the Pastry Show in Vegas. Some of you may know Lynn personally or just being in Hollywood, CA this LA girl right here knows her stuff when it comes to Fashion & Beauty. Thank you all for stopping by hope you have time to hang out and get to know LA James.

Ranisha: Tell us about your Love Always LLC. What’s the mission and purpose behind it?

Lynn James: Love Always LLC is my company that basically opens up doors for up-and-coming talented individuals. I never had advice given to me when I was starting my career. So I started a company that does just that. Love Always acts as an aid to the entertainment industry, by leading talent to an agency or management. The mission is to help as many talented people as I can when it comes to placement. Continue reading “Check Out These Beauty Secrets from Model Lynn A. James”

This Woman Is Holding Down The Hottest Producer Right Now

img_7558I would like everyone to welcome Angela (Sango) Wright. Let’s thank her for stopping by the blog and dropping some gems for everyday life we are honored to have her as our guest. Angela is the wife of Kai who we all know as Sango or even Sangobeats. Sango is a well-known producer who creates his own beats, Sango has also clocked studio time and produced for Tinashe, Bryson Tiller, and Smino, just to name a few, and even dropped a collab album with singer and fellow Seattle native Dave B in the summer of 2016.

“For a long time, I’ve focused and dwelt on the word “Elohim,” meaning the God of creation. This word started to mean a lot to me when I was developing as an artist. I consider myself an artist/creator because I believe in my ideas and by pushing these ideas, my creation comes to life. The worst thing an artist can do is lack motivation and let their creativity go unused. I want to share ideas with other creatives and emphasis the true meaning of collaborating and uniting. Kai designed my logo and it represents one of my favorite verses in the Bible, Exodus 3:17, “I have promised to rescue you from your oppression in Egypt. I will lead you to a land flowing with milk and honey.” God’s promises will continue to unfold because of the obedience, discipline, and loyalty that He has placed in my heart” Angela founder of Shelohim.com Continue reading “This Woman Is Holding Down The Hottest Producer Right Now”