Overcome Your Inner Worst Enemy

Most of everyone use the term hater loosely when have you considered yourself as a hater? Yes, you. Trying to decide whether or not you’re a hater. Here’s how.

1. Omg, that outfit is so cute, but it would look better on me and I’m not even about to compliment her.

2. The joy of wanting someone to fail.

3. You were invited but you couldn’t make it so you cringe at hearing the fun stories you missed out on.

Set yourself up to win stop being envious of someone’s Instagram timeline when you can brand yourself and make yours look just as great. What exactly are you comparing? Boyfriends, clothes, shoes, cars, love? Yes, love. You won’t come to an agreement with yourself and say hey I’m lonely I want successful relationships, and I don’t have anyone to look happy with in my photos.

Hey ANGRY BIRD why are you mad? Because I don’t want to spend too much time on anger let me just say stop covering up those hurt feelings you haven’t dealt with. If I’m not the problem why are you taking it out on me as if I’m to blame (shrugs) be careful with your anger learn to communicate your emotion?


Ephesians 4:26 Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,

Chill with the fake caring. You don’t really care keeping the rumors going is right up your alley.

Your compliments are corny. “You look good but…”

Why do you get a kick out of humiliating someone when they’re hurt?

I got one for you BACKHANDED BULLIES. Stay out my comments if you have nothing nice to say I don’t care about you liking anything but every time you want to say something it’s the opposite of a compliment bye I don’t care what you think. You don’t need to have a need to express your feelings on my post.

Can you promise me that you are going to stop finding things wrong with other people to make yourself feel good? Why do I have to be unhappy with myself because you are? CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE WRECK YOURSELF. What’s wrong with being confident?



Wifing It Network hosted by Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman

I have been sponsored by the grace of God to be apart of The Wifing It Network which is a 6-week program that requires my work and dedication. Cora and her colleagues have made this possible for me. All praises (shout) Thank you, Cora and team.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD” Proverbs 18:22

In this program I will:

Grow as a Woman. In. Faith. Effectively. (WIFE)

Thrive to bring wholeness to every element of my life to be the best WIFE I can be.

The goal is to love me more than anything.

Wifing It Network will bring new perspectives and new confidence. I am looking forward to my new accountability, support, power source, and good thing. Do you see how God make all things NEW?

Topic: The Balancing Act Of The Wife

I’d love for you to join Wifing It network of women joining together to become whole so that we can be the W.I.F.E-WOMAN IN FAITH EFFECTIVELY that God has called us to be.
6 two hour teaching sessions with Pastor Cora Jakes Coleman
6 Devotionals
6 Q&A Wife Chats with Special Guest and Friends of Pastor Cora
Access to the first chapter of Wifing It-Wholeness as a WIFE replays
And so much more sign up today!!


12 Ways To Stay Organized

How to stay organized. Is there really a secret to getting organized? I know there are over 132 ways to simplifying your life, but I want to help you with 12.

Here are 12 ways to stay organized:

  1. Upgrade and organize your pantry.
  2. Rearrange your bathroom to make it bigger.
  3. Clean out your kitchen so you don’t have to be late to work looking for Tupperware.
  4. Go through your closet and more. How do you separate hoarding from pack rat?
  5. Hold Meetings: prepare a list of all the tasks that need to get done within your home. Let those in your household tell you what they’re good at and what they’ll like to do. It’s a more successful outcome than giving someone a task they can’t execute.
  6. Mention rewards & consequences for the kids, you gotta shake them up just a little bit. Bribing has become so easy nowadays when you have something a kid wants. (candy is the magic word for my niece)
  7. Don’t lack the process and miss the steps along the way.
  8. Get a chart to hang in the kitchen and create a checklist of things that need to be done around the house.
  9. Set timers for your tasks and see how much you can get done in an hour. (spending 20 of those mins on twitter or any social media count and cut in between time)
  10. I want a coat stand. Do you ever see those fancy nice wooden coat stand in the Dr.’s office that you won’t even use? I’m thinking about getting one for my own home to put right in the living room.
  11. When does the family say hey: “we need a housekeeper” someone to help clean our house. The more the family keeps growing or the bigger the house (shrugs) why not. I would just hire for the Living room, Dining area, Kitchen, and bathroom(s).
  12. Now, will all this stuff be written in your planner? of course, but are you someone who use your planner and go by it?