12 Ways To Stay Organized

How to stay organized. Is there really a secret to getting organized? I know there are over 132 ways to simplifying your life, but I want to help you with 12.

Here are 12 ways to stay organized:

  1. Upgrade and organize your pantry.
  2. Rearrange your bathroom to make it bigger.
  3. Clean out your kitchen so you don’t have to be late to work looking for Tupperware.
  4. Go through your closet and more. How do you separate hoarding from pack rat?
  5. Hold Meetings: prepare a list of all the tasks that need to get done within your home. Let those in your household tell you what they’re good at and what they’ll like to do. It’s a more successful outcome than giving someone a task they can’t execute.
  6. Mention rewards & consequences for the kids, you gotta shake them up just a little bit. Bribing has become so easy nowadays when you have something a kid wants. (candy is the magic word for my niece)
  7. Don’t lack the process and miss the steps along the way.
  8. Get a chart to hang in the kitchen and create a checklist of things that need to be done around the house.
  9. Set timers for your tasks and see how much you can get done in an hour. (spending 20 of those mins on twitter or any social media count and cut in between time)
  10. I want a coat stand. Do you ever see those fancy nice wooden coat stand in the Dr.’s office that you won’t even use? I’m thinking about getting one for my own home to put right in the living room.
  11. When does the family say hey: “we need a housekeeper” someone to help clean our house. The more the family keeps growing or the bigger the house (shrugs) why not. I would just hire for the Living room, Dining area, Kitchen, and bathroom(s).
  12. Now, will all this stuff be written in your planner? of course, but are you someone who use your planner and go by it?



4 Personal Branding Tips For The Image Impaired


Never be afraid of your flaws that just might be the one thing we identify with. What is Angelina Jolie known for? You’re right you guess it. Her lips. The one thing I love about Madonna she never fixed her gap. Stop trying to buy perfect and use your signature part as part of your brand. (not so much Lebron James he fixed his hairline) We will definitely accept it, especially if we don’t have a choice.


Show your local clients how serious you are about your business they are more likely to take you seriously when awards, diplomas, and certificates are displayed. If you are worried about people stealing plaques or any other collectible vintage items chances are you have the wrong clients. Display your professional images. Your office is not a place for the things your grandparents gave you. Think about upgrading to one more bedroom or maybe you can turn the guest room into the home office. Make it very clear that people are not coming to lounge around. (sidenote) Some people are unorganized and easily distracted when everything is all in one when it comes to working from home. I have been seeing a lot of influencers and entrepreneurs say they are ready for their physical office.


What’s is your Social Media language? Are you the influence you destined to be? Figure out a way that people can interact with you if you’re not gonna reply to every question. Create a hashtag whether it’s for asking you something or just sending tweets your way. #Ask(your name) or create something unique where only your tribe and community can associate with. The hashtag you create can be found by anyone on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Think of something unique that can be associated with only your brand.


Always remain professional when it comes to your brand I know you see people out here doing the most and branding themselves in a way they shouldn’t be following the crowd. Don’t make someone’s lifestyle your priority unless you want to offer them Branding Strategies. Know what your brand does and what it doesn’t please keep that in mind when it comes to sharing and promoting other people’s content. Stay real and true to yourself and your brand.

5 Ways to help you Persevere


I pray you are persevering through any obstacles you are facing. I want to encourage you to keep pushing there have been plenty of times I thought of giving up, starting over, and just throwing everything away. If I did any of those things I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I kept strong and continued to persevere.


No matter what it looks like or how long you think it’s going to take you to get where you are trying to go just believe you are a lot closer than you were when you started. For example, having an event and no one shows up doesn’t mean don’t have events anymore I’d say stick with your purpose in spite of the difficulty. We all come to a point in our lives when we had to persevere whether it was for 10 years or even 2 years. Encourage yourself, because what you are doing now and may seem like you haven’t gotten the recognition you deserve to have faith and believe it will soon be in the right hands of the person who sees the struggle has been real for you.


Fight and endure until the end leading to eternal salvation.


3 Ways to Revive Your Soul Back to Life And Renew Your Strength

Revive Your Soul

Psalm 23:3 “He revives my life; he leads me in pathways that are righteous for the sake of his name”

I know some of you are thinking how can she have a revival on her blog I thought you can only have a revival in the church. I’m glad you are thinking that because revive means bringing something back to life or consciousness. God is willing to restore, renew, revive, regain, and refresh any area of your life in any way you ask him to. Whether it’s in a church, bus, road trip, or walking to the store. Ask Him to revive your soul.

Leave all that mess behind you. Some of you may be tired, helpless, and not able to deal with the messiness of others.

These steps will help you get right into action after prayer. Don’t be one of those warriors that pray and then wait for something to happen be a prayer warrior that pray and demand something to happen. Take charge of your emotional health.

1. How do you consume social media? You can not fool me I know you have a media habit because if you didn’t you wouldn’t have social media at all. What you use social media for may not be what others use it for so before you go attacking what someone is posting be so busy promoting, advertising, and marketing your business you can’t see the negative of someone if it’s not directed towards you. Know your social media voice. You may not be someone who always has something to say but when you do what tone are you using? Your followers are smart enough to pick up on that. Avoid the things that are not serving you well. Let’s say social media is not your issue it may be time to shift your habits.

2. Clear your mind. Refocus your attention. You have to step back and say to yourself “maybe I’m getting too involved with a problem that doesn’t belong to me” Fast and Pray it’s ok to restart, refresh, and reset. You are in control of what you feed your spirit. Take good care of your physical and mental health. I remember taking a deep breath and someone asked me what was the sigh about I said “what do you mean I just took a deep breath” don’t let anyone assume anything other than just breathing trust me releasing is everything.

3. Break your rules and not God rules. Who said you had to eat breakfast at 7 am why you can’t eat breakfast at 11 am. Do things differently and get out the same old routine that isn’t working for you. It is time to develop new ways of feeding and uplifting your spirit. Stop doing what everyone else is doing. Have you ever seen a written revival? Do this make it less of a revival because you don’t see people falling out. I do things differently on (Ranisha is Love) perhaps if someone misses the actual event they can always get the recap. We should know how to deal with our mental state without seeking attention and doing things for publicity.

4. Create a Prayer Group if you’re not already a part of one. Having healthy support will keep you from isolation and thinking of worst cases. It’s important to have people you can go to when something or someone is bothering you. Relating to someone who has experienced the very thing you are dealing with helps you feel at ease and knowing everything will be alright. Surrender what is out of your control. Let this be an act of Self-Care because you are taking care of your health and well-being stop letting things pile and build up making the fight tougher than what it’s supposed to be. Be blessed.

24 Ways to Treat Your Mental Health

Not everyone is going to tell you how important mental health is, sometimes the people around you don’t know how bad you struggle with keeping it together this will help you relieve, and lessen the pain in your mind and on your brain. If you don’t know where to start you can always start by massaging your temples.

  1. Be a friend someone can talk to don’t always be so quick to be a running mouth someone just want to release. You might have saved their life just by letting them vent their feelings.
  2. Reach out to someone you owe an apology to. Even if it makes you embarrassed or the weaker person. Most importantly forgive someone.
  3. Pray.
  4. Look for a stretch routine whether its early mornings or right before bed.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  6. Let me just tell you its ok to cry. I have been a crybaby to just about everyone I know.
  7. Pick a couple of days out the week where you set aside time just to exercise or run.
  8. Take pictures of your window views throughout the house and ask yourself is that a view you want to change or is it something you never paid attention to.
  9. How creative are you? Ever thought about creating your own crossword puzzles.
  10. Quote your favorite bible scriptures and write down what they mean to you.
  11. Write Write Write. Write a poem, write a letter to an editor, write in your journal, write a to-do list and follow it.
  12. Count your blessings-make a list.
  13. Are you funny? Tell a joke. Get your humor out there so people know what to expect when it comes to your personality.
  14. I’m not a dancer like I use to be, so when I’m listening to music I’m cleaning.
  15. Pamper yourself. My massage therapy friends are the best. Go and get you a massage the professional way. 
  16. If you think about getting a pet please make sure it’s one you can afford. Don’t get a puppy and then take a vacation, because you’ll need a Dogsitter. Unless you know what its like to road trip with a pet. 
  17. Your body is alarmed to get up at the same time even on your days off. Do something productive and get the hardest thing done first.
  18. Clean out your vase and buy yourself some fresh flowers for the dining room table.
  19. When was the last time you cleaned out your car if you don’t have one do a good deed and offer to clean someone’s car?
  20. Put yourself first.
  21. Don’t always want to go to the farthest store choose the closest store near you and walk to it.
  22. Picnic out on some fresh green grass and read your current book. That’s only if you’re in the season of good weather or instead choose a hammock on a nice breezy day.
  23. Have a great laugh even if it’s at yourself.
  24. Do all things with LOVE.


4 ​Blogging Tips For Beginners 


HELLO HELLO HELLO, I’m talking to all my Girl Bosses my Fashion Boss, Style Boss, Marketing Boss, Faith Boss, Promoter Boss, Lifestyle Boss, Foodie Boss, Graphic Boss, Designer Boss, you name it we all started somewhere. You make the rules you break the rules my kind of fun. As a beginner, the first mistake you can make is being focused on everyone else but yourself. You deserve to put 100% of all your time, hard work, and ideas for your own projects. Listening to, to many voices will leave you overwhelmed and not getting much work done. Stick to your community and reach out to the people you feel is for your niche or blog because listening to the wrong voice can corrupt your message.

2. Build A Community Around Your Blog 

The best way to get noticed is to stay engaged and promote your own work. Make sure you enable comments on your post and everyone can engage and share the post. Allow yourself to be transparent and act as if you are human cut down on the automatic replying people love talking to real people. Your community and friendships will keep things together.

3. Do NOT Compare Yourself 

If you feel a threat is coming on don’t compare yourself to those who you see as a threat. Compare what you are doing vs what they’re not doing. Also, see and write down why you think they’re a threat to you and your blog see how it ties into your weakness. Take notes.
Try having something about your blog that is special and that will make you stand out. Keep your head up and continue to work hard even if you think you’re not reaching who you want that does not mean no one is watching you.

4. Be Yourself And Use Your Voice

When I first started blogging I had no clue what I was doing, and I’m still learning as I go. I started to improve on my images and would hang out where the free stock photos were this photo credit belongs to @CreateHERStock I show love to other niches and other bloggers. Now make sure you check out other bloggers and learn something. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Here Are My Personal Tips

  • Try to avoid your weaknesses when your confidence level isn’t so high.
  • Always be engaging with your consistent support (talk with ppl don’t just talk to them)
  • Show love and reply on your own terms never wait to move with the crowd.
  • Write great content.

“Small minded people don’t think in advance or out that far”

Leave a comment on the most challenging part of blogging.

7 Ways to Ask for Forgiveness and Protection

1. Declare me righteous in my repentance. God is my protector and I am in his favor because I am saved by His grace

2. I trust you, Lord, to save me from those who are against me, from those who are seeking to tear me to pieces

3. Father forgive me for my wrongdoing it is you who bring justice it is you who forgives

4. My enemies are mighty against me lord and you are mighty against them as I stand on your word and watch you bring them down low to condemn them in all their wickedness

5. Defend me God search my heart look into my mind see that I am true. As you see the hearts of the wicked towards me defend me O Lord

6. Change my ways Father I am a weapon sharpened like a sword and the devil is a liar looking for trouble. Father let the wicked dig a deep ditch and trap themselves they will get caught with their own fire on their own hands. Anyone surrounded by evil will be punished for the evil. Separate me, Lord

7. Save me O God and increase my ability to trust in you. I sing praise to you. Forever Amen

Here are 7 Questions I asked 10+ Jr High School Students


My chosen topic is responsibility. I’ll be speaking to the junior high school students and I wanted to talk to them about responsibility and show them how important it is to be responsible. It’s very important to learn about responsibilities once you get your priorities in orders you don’t have to turn and ask for help from anyone or beg someone to do something for you. Who do you turn to when you can’t go to neither one of your parents for an allowance or a friend who won’t let you borrow a few things? Are you gonna beat yourself up or will you learn to make better

My chosen topic is responsibility. I’ll be speaking to the junior high school students and I wanted to talk to them about responsibility and show them how important it is to be responsible. It’s very important to learn about responsibilities once you get your priorities in orders you don’t have to turn and ask for help from anyone or beg someone to do something for you. Who do you turn to when you can’t go to neither one of your parents for an allowance or a friend who won’t let you borrow a few things? Are you gonna beat yourself up or will you learn to make better

My chosen topic is responsibility. I’ll be speaking to the junior high school students and I wanted to talk to them about responsibility and show them how important it is to be responsible. It’s very important to learn about responsibilities once you get your priorities in orders you don’t have to turn and ask for help from anyone or beg someone to do something for you. Who do you turn to when you can’t go to neither one of your parents for an allowance or a friend who won’t let you borrow a few things? Are you gonna beat yourself up or will you learn to make better choices?

The responsibility of your mess is yours. Do you know someone who doesn’t and won’t take the blame for their own mess, but is quick to point the finger at someone because they don’t want to own up to their responsibility? How would that make you look not owning up to your mess? Is it childish? Think of a list where you took the blame for someone else’s responsibility. I have a long list of responsibilities I stood up for that didn’t even belong to me. Was that fair no it wasn’t, but because I know how to love and forgive I loved and forgave that person I put the past behind me, and that was the last time I’ll ever let anyone put a responsibility on me that doesn’t belong to me.

My consistency proves that I am reliable and dependable. It’s a great form of responsibility. Knowing I have to pay bills and keep up with payments lets any lender know I am trustworthy and a lender can be you. Someone may have a hard time at being responsible my best advice is to get an accountability partner or someone you look up to a sibling or a mentor just any person that support and applaud you to do better at your challenges. Guess what? You’re responsible for your own guidance, but who knows you better than yourself and can’t no one make any of this possible but you. I challenge you to take the first step to responsibility. You can start with keeping your room clean or doing chores around the house. It’s up to you to accept the help.

Questions for the students

  1. Write a plan on how you can be more responsible:
  2. What happens when you’re not responsible?
  3. What makes you a responsible person?
  4. Write 3 classroom rules that help everyone to remember to be responsible.
  5. What consequence should be in place for not being responsible?
  6. Write a responsible do’s and don’ts list.
  7. When do you think you should start becoming responsible?