Pro Speak for Athletes hosted by Dr. Shabazz

Career Development Workshop with NBA Agent Michael Chamblain

This Career Workshop was for those interested in learning how to “Gain Entry” into the Sports Industry hosted by Dr. Shabazz of ProSpeakForAthletes “Your Mouth is Your Brand when the Game Ends” and Personal Development Coach Dr. Barbara Shabazz of Intentional Activities. Pro Speak For Athletes offers a list of services including, Public Speaking Training, Advance tutoring for future Broadcasters, Personal Sports Bloggers, and more. Continue reading “Pro Speak for Athletes hosted by Dr. Shabazz”


Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks at the TD Garden Game 40 Experience

Thank you to the NBA and everyone that was involved in considering me to be 1st place prize NBA All-Star 2018 Sweepstakes. God is good isn’t he I’m honored and blessed to have gone to any NBA game in the United States but I chose the Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks at the TD Garden Game #40 in Boston, Massachusetts. Thank you, everyone, take a look through my lenses all pictures and views are my own. Continue reading “Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks at the TD Garden Game 40 Experience”

Your Marketing Manager said Do Not Resist your Move to Digital

As a Marketing Manager that represents Pro Athletes, my job is to have a direct line of communication with the brand for my client.

I love any endeavor with ripening fruits. Social channels are definitely the experiment for brands and some brands are willing to give the brand/athlete relationship a try. Athletes social following is incredibly valuable and the value of the endorsement does have everything to do with their social following. Continue reading “Your Marketing Manager said Do Not Resist your Move to Digital”

Why Pro Ballers need a strategic Marketing Manager like Ranisha Grice

I’m the perfect match if you live in a Digital era and checking your Social Media is a daily routine. Are you looking for a Reality Show? I’m definitely the ratings for that (joking) but seriously think of ways that are going to help you expose your passions and live outside your sport. Enhance your identity and brands. Continue reading “Why Pro Ballers need a strategic Marketing Manager like Ranisha Grice”

5 Things That Will Help You Perform At An All-Star Level

First thing first before we get out of line or should I say out of bound we need to know our role, keep focus with no distractions, and always be on point when it comes to our greatest skills. Now let’s make fun of your nickname. Even though your nickname is part of your greatest skill that’s why we call you it in the first place. Don’t stop working towards your goal people are going to watch you regardless they only become your competition if you let them. Keep your eye on the prize and guard what you have to.

1. Be Thankful.

Are you thankful enough? Do you wake up each morning with a thankful heart? I say that because I am very thankful for who and what I have and I want to make sure you are too. If you haven’t been that appreciative let this be an opportunity to send up an earnest and thankful prayer. Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

2. Good Health.

What do you consider to be good health? Is it more than just breathing? Staying physically fit and maintaining a healthy meal plan is what keep your performing at an All-Star level. Don’t fill your body with junk and then wonder why you can’t stay in shape mentally and physically. Find ways to guide you towards healthy living give yourself inspiration and motivation to empower you to live a healthy life. 3 John 1:2 “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be healthy, even as your soul prospers”

Let me fill you in on the components of a Fit and Joyous Life:

  • Wellness
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction

3. Strength.

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. How strong are you? Sometimes we don’t know until being strong is our only option. Count on the Lord, because the strength we seek can only come from the Lord. When you have the Lord’s strength you have an advantage over all circumstances. Psalm 18:1 “For the music director; by the LORD’s servant David, who sang to the LORD the words of this song when the LORD rescued him from the power of all his enemies, including Saul. He said: “I love you, LORD, my source of strength!”

4. Experience.

I appreciate wise counsel when it comes from someone saying “been there done that” and even someone who ask for wisdom James 1:5. In order to be a pro at something, it’s going to take you some wise experience. Everyone has been told no for something does it mean to give up? NO. Experience does not mean failure. Remember the ones with experience will surpass those with none. Life is a learning experience. You try out different things and in order to be at an All-Star Level, it’s going to take hard work and experience to get where you are. You don’t become an All-Star because your team wants you to. Keep the faith no matter what convinced you. We all have a story to tell it’s part of our experience. Romans 5:4 “And patience, experience; and experience, hope:”

5. Fans/Supporters.

No matter how much we say thank you to our fans and supporters deep down inside we know what they really mean to us. Stop trying to put up a front as if people are supposed to like you and be a big fan of ours. Wrong I may not like someone but does it take away from their skill, it doesn’t. They even hated Jesus and he is still King. Some of us have the mindset of “all I need is my family and friends” but is that enough to make the world go round. This all goes back to #1 being thankful. I would get so upset at the people who didn’t show love or support me until Matthew 13:57 But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country, and in his own house” isn’t that something. There are people rooting for you.

Want to gain more skills and work on more. Here’s what you’ll need Integrity, Determination, Change, Role models/Mentors, Self Confidence, more and more Experience, and Achievement control (starve your pride and ego). Your fans are just as happy and excited for you.

The vibes you bring to Digital Platforms

Hello to my online followers, viewers, audience, and today’s readers I welcome you to this post it will be interesting. I’m being myself the official authentic me. Glad you could make it.

Before I start I have a question. How often do you advance with this new technology? I asked because I want to know the ways you interact with your followers. How do you communicate, relate, and love?

I’m not even going to act like I didn’t want every iPhone that came out. Once I got some sense I thought about the connections I was making and it had me thinking hmmm. lightbulb! is it about my smartphone or is it about the relationship. I can have the same relationship with someone whether I’m using an iPad or a flip phone. Yes or Nah?  I make this point because I wanted you to see the value in communication. Who cares what we use when we communicate what matter is our intention for communication.“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of”

Before I post any tweets or Facebook status I ask myself. What do my words reveal about my heart? I never want to come off as jealous or hating. Without realizing I myself and others keep things going in circulation via social media and what they call (memes) not knowing the reason, because when you don’t make a point and don’t have a message what you share represent you. Remember it’s your way of communication I ask are your facts truth? How important was that post to you? Did you reach out and help somebody or did you hurt them? maybe you are just a jokester being funny.

Nowadays we use our platforms for the spotlight instead of its first purpose which was a conversation and staying connected. Oh, what are you too good to hold a conversation? You don’t know me. Well Duh! Be real with yourself are you using your digital space to stay connected with those who don’t communicate with you face-to-face in person.

A call to action. The answer can be to yourself or to the ones that are closely connected to you. What do you believe it takes to maintain a positive digital space, and have a valid communication line? Is having a smartphone and a social media account the way to you? I don’t expect you to be that selfish, and yes I’m talking about with your communication.

The next time someone reaches out to you via social media think about your vibes and how you want to rub off on them.