Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks at the TD Garden Game 40 Experience

Thank you to the NBA and everyone that was involved in considering me to be 1st place prize NBA All-Star 2018 Sweepstakes. God is good isn’t he I’m honored and blessed to have gone to any NBA game in the United States but I chose the Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks at the TD Garden Game #40 in Boston, Massachusetts. Thank you, everyone, take a look through my lenses all pictures and views are my own.

Point guard Marcus Smart.

Never give up on your dreams you don’t know how close you are to your opportunity. From where I’m sitting my next step is the floor that’s all it takes is to be one step away before you throw it all away.

A few souvenirs we went home with a Jayson Tatum poster and a Boston Celtics 2008 world championship limited edition patch which was limited to 20,000.

Can you believe we paid $13.50 for 2 drinks this size? After the Celtics lost their game my nephew didn’t want his cup or anything representing the Celtics I told him he can’t be fake like that it’s just a game had Atlanta lost this game I would still love everyone the same. Growth.

One of the cheerleaders threw this to me which had the gift card wrapped up in the shirt.

I’m going to say they were praying to win and have a good game, God heard them but it just wasn’t in his will.

John Collins and his glow in the dark bracelets.

Kyrie was explaining this drawing and who it could be and it turns out it’s Gordon Hayward.

Me just trying to get a decent picture of myself. Photo credit: my nephew

Photo credit: a Boston Celtics fan. I just couldn’t win with the photos no matter who took them. By this time my hair was sweated out.

I came here to see Atlanta Hawks play.

I’m not sure what was going on, but everyone was looking but me.

Al Horford and John Collins both Power Forward.


Guard What’s In Your Area

What’s a Zone Defense? a system of defensive play in which each player guards an allotted area of the field of play and guards an opponent only when the opponent is in his area. Learn how to Guard your Zone.

First, we want to pray before we do anything a prayer for protection can go along way.

Q: How can you Guard your Zone not only in sports but with Defense Strategies you can use in your everyday life?

Q: What are some things you’re going to have to do or stop doing to Guard specific areas of your life? Are you sleep? This is a stay woke generation.

Q: How can you be on Guard? I’m my own personal security by drawing lines and setting boundaries I have the right to allow what I want and don’t want in my personal space.

Watch and pray and watch as you play to stay on point and be ready to defend. It’s ok to be defensive when it comes to you and yours.

Heres a list of things you can Guard

Your Heart

Your Home

Your Peace

Your Reputation

Your Mind/Mental Health

“If you don’t defend you can’t win” Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach, Jim O’Brien

“Anytime an offense player is a threat we take a step back and remain active to guard and protect our zone” Philadelphia 76ers Assistant Coach, Lloyd Pierce

“Stay focus throughout the entirety of a defensive possession” Dallas Mavericks Coach, Rick Carlisle

There are so many areas in our life we can guard I want you to pick the area where you lack the most and put more defense towards that area of your life.

Your Marketing Manager said Do Not Resist your Move to Digital

As a Marketing Manager that represents Pro Athletes, my job is to have a direct line of communication with the brand for my client.

I love any endeavor with ripening fruits. Social channels are definitely the experiment for brands and some brands are willing to give the brand/athlete relationship a try. Athletes social following is incredibly valuable and the value of the endorsement does have everything to do with their social following. Continue reading “Your Marketing Manager said Do Not Resist your Move to Digital”