7 Ways To Ask For Forgiveness And Protection

1. Declare me righteous in my repentance. God is my protector and I am in his favor because I am saved by His grace. Continue reading “7 Ways To Ask For Forgiveness And Protection”

21 Ways To Dream Again With Isaiah Austin

21 ways to Dream Again with Pro Basketball Player Isaiah Austin 

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Resolved to leave a Godly Legacy

Resolved to leave a Godly legacy

Living and leading a life of resolve and being content with our lives is a witness to others. God can and will be seen in and through all that you do. Live with a spirit of contentment. Continue reading “Resolved to leave a Godly Legacy”

Here are 7 Questions I asked 10+ Jr High School Students


My chosen topic is responsibility. I’ll be speaking to the junior high school students and I wanted to talk to them about responsibility and show them how important it is to be responsible. It’s very important to learn about responsibilities once you get your priorities in orders you don’t have to turn and ask for help from anyone or beg someone to do something for you. Who do you turn to when you can’t go to neither one of your parents for an allowance or a friend who won’t let you borrow a few things? Are you gonna beat yourself up or will you learn to make better choices? Continue reading “Here are 7 Questions I asked 10+ Jr High School Students”

Legendary Women of The Bible

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5 Ways To Personal Development

You may have more than 5 ways to improving, becoming, building, renewing, developing, identifying, enhancing, fulfilling, and defining personal development. I want to help someone who don’t know where to start and may be looking for ways to increase their skills and qualities. Your potential is worth more than you realize. The process might take longer if you don’t progress daily. Continue reading “5 Ways To Personal Development”