Cupcakebands Collection

Queen bands by Cupcakebands Crowns

Ranisha Grice – Headband Designer DBA “Cupcakebands” custom handmade high-quality designs. I have been striving as a headband designer to meet my goals and deadlines.

Made in America

Highlights – Compared with $900 Dolce & Gabbana Headband. MTV VMAS red carpet headband by ‘Cupcakebands’ inspired look to match Dorothy “Wizard of Oz” sparkling red slippers custom for “Fashion Designer” Indashio
I have been offered to showcase my designs as a “Vendor” on Angela Simmons website as a featured Designer. My headband collection made it on the heads of celebrities such as Angela Simmons from “Runs House” Kai Morae daughter of Lisa Raye Interviewed for Shark Tank and more.

Mission: To reach out to the young ladies and all women with a passion for fashion who have a sense of style. Welcome to my girly world. I want all queens, princesses, and all royalties to know that they are loved. Live like royalty.

Cupcakebands wants all her “Headband Models” to feel like they have royal status, dignity, power, independence, and sovereignty. You are a queen that is entitled to your royalties. Don’t let no one tell you anything less than you deserve demand royal rights.

My sweet headbands are made with love, passion, and dedication also some hard work. You will find fashion trends and designs you have never seen before please keep in mind where you have seen it first. Cupcakebands headband collection has a tasty twist you won’t find anywhere but here. Custom designs made for all occasions. My headbands are girly, edgy, fun, classic, expressive, daring, different, unique, jazzy, stylish, and fashionable. Cupcakebands design and style headbands for your purpose whether you’re looking for a “wedding” style or something to wear with your street style in the fashion world. I plan to send off a “Royal” message reminding you of the Queen that you are and you deserve your royal rights with each purchase of my headbands.

My headbands As Seen on Angela Simmons and her family

Headband Luxury


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