Food Disclaimer

Food facts for safe food handling something to know before making my recipes.

Awareness of foodborne which is called food poisoning. Food poisoning is a serious situation especially when it can be fatal or cause illness. Go with your gut literally, if something doesn’t look or taste right let that be a sign for you. Practice safe food handling behaviors to help reduce your risk of accidentally getting sick by contaminated food.

I care enough about you to have this disclaimer on my blog to help you and lower your risk and how it’s important to pay extra attention to handling food. I don’t want you to make a recipe from my blog and think it’s my fault because you’re not safe and clean when handling food & beverages.


4 Steps to Food Safety

Clean: wash hands and surfaces often. (Bacteria)

Separate: separate raw meat from other foods. (Cross-contamination)

Cook: cook to the right temperature. (Do not serve uncooked meat)

Chill: refrigerate food promptly. (Do not serve your guest food that has been left out overnight)

Research safe cooking temperatures as measured with a food thermometer.

Food Allergies

Most common food allergens. Peanuts, Tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, wheat, soy, and more. Any food equipment used for the processing of allergy free food must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to use.