Where are you located? East Coast, Massachusetts,. 2hrs from Boston and 2hrs & 30mins from NYC.

Do you have any siblings? I’m the oldest of 3. A sister after me, and a brother after us.

What do you do? I’m a Lifestyle Blogger and a Brand Manager for pro athletes.

What do you believe your legacy to be? I believe it’s LOVE. People will know me and remember me by the way I loved.

Who/What is stopping you from seeking your full potential? Nobody, I just gotta put more work into what I’m doing and be great/excellent at it. Go a little harder.

Have you ever asked Christ into your heart and trusted him as your savior? Yes, I have. If you have not, you can say these words to speak to your heart as well.

God, I’m a sinner please forgive me. I believe that Jesus is your son and I want to invite him into my heart and trust him as my savior and I want to follow him as my Lord. Cleanse my heart for eternal life. Amen

Do you know how to operate in your supernatural gifts? Not as much as I would like to, but my discernment is on another level that’s the easiest one. When I can’t figure someone out I don’t allow them in my space which is more easier than discerning.

Does sharing your faith come easily to you? What obstacles or barriers do you face?  I have never been the one to push my belief down ppl’s throat. It comes easy in a way to help me relate to other ppl walks of life. Remember not everyone is gonna believe what you believe. I don’t try to play God in other ppl lives I let them come to their senses to get in tune with their faith. Verbalize your faith. Communicate your faith so others can know about your living God. The father of Jesus Christ.