WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? I am originally from Hartford, CT, currently residing in Massachusetts in the USA on the East Coast 2hrs from Boston and 2hrs & 30 mins from NYC.

DO YOU HAVE ANY SIBLINGS? I’m the oldest of 3, a sister after me, and a brother after us.

WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE YOUR LEGACY TO BE? I believe it’s LOVE. People will know me and remember me by the way I loved.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU DO? I’m a Lifestyle Blogger and a Brand Manager for pro athletes such as current and former NBA players.

WHAT DO YOU TELL SOMEONE THAT CAN’T AFFORD YOUR PRICES? You are paying for my expertise. If you’re asking me to do something for you in the first place it’s because you know or believe I’m good at what I do. You are paying me for my skill and the ability that I bring to the table. I know what I’m doing. The expertise I have developed in order to get to the point where I’m at now.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE ABOUT BLOGGING? I think everyone should focus on their own journey because my easy might be your hard you never want to compare your planning stage to someone’s chapter 4. If that isn’t enough I wrote a post 4 Blogging Tips For Beginners

CAN I INTERVIEW YOU FOR MY PROJECT, PODCAST, BLOG, OR BE A GUEST AT MY RADIO STATION? Yes, all those ways are welcomed, but as far as a radio show I ask that no one is recording live via Facebook, IG, or any live streaming you do. A minimum of 10 questions for a blog post. I’m also interested in collaborations, brunch, and photo shoots.