G R I C É Creative Arts & Fashion Program

Gricé Creative Arts & Fashion Program

Program Name: G R I C É Creative Arts & Fashion Program

Target Audience: Aspiring Designers, Fashion Stylists, Creatives, Artists, Hairstylist, Makeup Artists, Entertainers, Photographers, Bloggers/Media, and more.

Length: 8 week Summer Program for 3 hours every Wednesday for 8 weeks.

Acceptance: The program is structured with intimate class sizes to ensure the quality of education. The program will be held Summer 2020 closing the program with a fashion show event. Fashion Show will be $10 at the door featuring designers like Indashio, Cupcakebands Headbands, Models and more.

Tuition: Free

Location: Pittsfield, MA (City)

Category: Arts & Culture, and Education

Program Goal: Is to support the next generation of local designers & creatives. I will help increase community engagement, and produce community engagement. Participants will gain skills and knowledge to be effective in their community using Art. Arts build community.

Mission Statement: I want to help our community and give new and emerging creatives a creative fun space that takes students through the whole process of what it takes to plan a fashion show event and help broaden their audience of people that is ready to help and support. This concept will introduce Art & Fashion to residents who may have never had the materials or space to experiment with Art & Fashion. This program will engage, help, and inspire a large number of community residents which can be enlightening and useful. The program is to be a fun community showcasing local talent ending each year with a fashion show.

If you are a Visual Artist and want to get more experience as a designer, photographer or filmmaker you are more than welcome to join our GCAF Program for college credits.

We do not discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, political affiliation or religious beliefs.


Founder Ranisha Grice of Gricé Creative Arts & Fashion Program, A brand of Art education which give people access to the Arts exposing you to real demands and practices in the industry that will help build self esteem and confidence, because there is a lack of funding for Arts in our schools I decided to create a program to keep our community engaged in the Arts & Culture. As a Community Navigator with Working Cities Pittsfield, Community Researcher for finding barriers to the Arts for Berkshire Taconic Foundation, Headband Designer, and more I work on being more involved in my community. This program guides you to become not only a designer with your own creative vision, but a professional prepared to take your place in this challenging industry. As a Creative Mentor, I’ll guide you to find your own niche in this competitive, highly specialized field. When you join it’s something you’re interested in so give it your all to get the full benefits and results.

In This Program, Together We Will:

  • Do your own work whether you are a beginner or advanced your projects are your own unless you are collaborating.
  • Discover your full potential and be able to create quality work.
  • Create mini fashion mood boards (something that gives you inspiration, images that are attractive and appeal to you for your collection)
  • Research trends, Street fashion, and Runway looks.
  • Work on Sketches. (optional)
  • Embrace your Fashion Statement.
  • Fabric Painting.
  • Create & Inspire, work on your Style and Design goals.
  • Support Multicultural Designers.
  • Brand Managing (managing your brand)
  • Plan and execute a Fashion Shoot as the model or Style a model.
  • Repurpose your clothing donations.
  • Have an an opportunity to build your Portfolio.
  • Become your own Fashion Editor & Creative Director. Editorial: Understand your Client. (Demographics)
  • Build a Legacy and focus on your path in the fashion industry.
  • Study the history of clothing and fashion together.
  • For a more advance course as a Style Leader you can sew, be a seamstress, style, design, drap concepts, fabric style, spearhead new designs, print, create lookbooks, and more.

Program Benefits:

  • Work as part of my team to achieve your goals. (We are here to help but your projects are your own).
  • It keeps you out of trouble and off the streets. A purpose plan.
  • Bringing residents together to engage in Creative Arts & Culture.
  • Build & grow as a Creative.
  • A Merchandising Specialist guest speaker from your favorite department store from the Lee Premium Outlet.
  • Diversity and support for multicultural Designers.
  • Use your creativity and find new ways to present your products to new clients.
  • Experiment with new forms of creativity, and find your voice in your industry.
  • Field trip to The Museum at FIT (NYC Fashion District) optional.


  • Helping students create an outfit to present in our Fashion Show. (Design or Style)
  • Gricé Creative Arts & Fashion Program will be the only Arts & Fashion program that create space and give back to local designers in Pittsfield, MA.
  • Dedicated to transforming the lives of others; creatives who have had the courage to fight, the power to survive and the leadership to inspire.


How much will it cost to run the Program each year? 

The funds on hand should be no less than $3,000

How can I model for a fashion show event? 

For all Model inquires please send photos to GriceFashionCulture@gmail.com Subject: Model Inquires.

How can I work backstage for GCAF fashion show?

For all Style, Hair & Makeup inquires please send photos to GriceFashionCulture@gmail.com Subject: Backstage Inquires.

How does the program prepare the people involved to participate in the fashion show?

First, it mentally prepares you with positive body image to feel and look good in the way you choose to express yourself through your style and fashion. This is a creative space where participants will have an opportunity to design merchandise of their choice to wear or be worn in our final project which is a Fashion Show. I’m looking to create a space that bring community together as a way to express themselves through fashion.

Where is the location of the program?

A local community space has opened their doors to us and will Host us for our Gricé Creative Arts & Fashion Program. We accommodate all and will meet on Wednesdays 3pm-6pm starting June 24th 2020. Reach out for more info.

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