Brand Managing for Creatives & Influencers


I work as an independent contractor with over 4 yrs of experience where I scout out talent and help them become more visible and bring awareness to their brands.

  • Talent – Helping discover your gifts and talents.
  • Resources – That can help you with performing at your best.
  • Initiative – Reach your goals.
  • Opportunity – Realize your dreams.
  • Support Services – Begin a career off the court and help your career and brand development.

I also love helping influencers stay at the top of their game. I’m on a mission to help goal-oriented entrepreneurs get where they need to be by reaching their target & audience. This has been an incredible journey for me.

I commit to providing Quality Services to aid my clients

  • Communications Manager (Business & Management)
  • Public Relations (Publicist, Releases)
  • Endorsements, Sponsorships, & Brand Partnerships
  • Media Appearances (Digital Media)
  • Launch Plans (Release Parties)
  • Content Marketing (Marketing Plans)
  • Promotion/Advertising
  • Social Media Strategist (Auditing)
  • Calendar Editing (Campaigns & Guest Appearances)

Enhancing the fan experience for my client. I focus on monitoring a wide range of digital platforms. I use digital platforms to keep up with ongoing analysis, insights, and opportunities for advancement. I get excited when I’m working on projects with people who believe in me. I help my clients reach their fans and consumers with tracking key performances (In other words things that work). Performing at an executive level, general office duties, email, brand packages and fan mail handling, also I have to keep all material confidential with the highest level of integrity.


Encompass various opportunities for all my clients where they are valued, encouraged, and equipped. Here’s my philosophy this strategy is designed to give my clients a simple step into leadership and help them become an influence that will keep them at the top of their game. My core values are being beneficial and performing at a high level.

Requirements: Clear and concise goals (benchmark & timeline), what do you want to see happen for yourself in 6 months? Know what you want and where you are. How do you measure success?  Email: for Client profile qualifications.

Posting a list of Clients and the Projects I performed for them violates our confidentiality agreement and when I do post I have their permission.