My Story


80’s baby oldest of 3 I have been a carpenter my very first job through school when I got my working papers at the age of 14 I have also been a housekeeper, dishwasher, telemarketer, worked at Taco Bell, sales associate to name a few and got my drivers license when I was 18, lived with friends & family been homeless and slept in my jeep, divorced and more now I’m a blogger who been blogging for some time now. The reason I started blogging was to get my voice heard it wasn’t getting heard anywhere whether I was with friends or important meetings. It felt like I was just making noise and I believe that loud is not always power. The only time people would hear me was when I was saying hi and bye. That’s not enough to tell someone what I been through and how I got delivered and the way God has been blessing me. When I say delivered I mean from sins. I smoked weed, stole, fought, partied, and lied you will not find perfect here. I grew up as a sinner I knew God was doing something in my life that only I understood, because he was talking to me about my own life and what I needed to do. A prophet will confirm, I still like to keep some things between me and God. I am preparing myself for where God is taking me. I am not an ordained minister, preacher, or pastor I’m just someone who love the word of God and want to better my life by renewing a new spirit within me, my mind, and sharing my faith with the world by blogging and creating a platform where my voice can be heard and not just within my local area. I was told light should share with darkness and not other lights.


I been very different from a lot of people that’s why its hard for me to get close to friends either they’re trying to change me and don’t accept me for who I am or don’t like the way I use my voice and my way of saying things. I had to break free from those trying to oppress me and that’s when I knew I had something to say so I started blogging my opinion and my point of view on what matter to me. At that time around the end of 2013 I had no clue what blogging was I just knew I had control over my platform and that’s something no one can take from me and I’m allowed to say what I want when I want and how I want. Once I got my blog out there I started to get feedback from everyone saying how inspiring I am and they liked what I’m doing and to keep it up. I knew if the right person heard my story they can break those chains that’s been holding them down. I created a Women’s Group to help other women share their story. With God all things are possible He opened up some major opportunities for me and laid the foundation to something I can’t imagine doing without him I have been able to work with companies, getting paid work, and I am currently offering my website to businesses for promotion and marketing. I thank God for opening up this blogging door. If you are not willing to travel how are you going to reach the nations you are asking for? I want to encourage those in need to break free and get their voice heard it is your time. Have nothing to fear add FEARLESS FRIDAY to your calendar God created you to be His child.


I started blogging because I want to show people I don’t need to be ordained to speak and teach God’s word on my platform. My goal is to get other bloggers, and faith speakers to do the same. Heal those who are oppressed by the devil please do not add to it. Listen to the testimony before going into judgment. I can still reach believers without being ordained the bible say in 2 Corinthians 2:14 “Tell others about the Lord and spread the Gospel like a sweet perfume”.

I have learned to mind my own business, work with my own hands and God will take care of me I don’t have to repay my enemies that is not my job. I have also learned to preserve and endure to the end you are not alone.

Stay blessed It’s definitely ok to LINK & CONNECT.