Spa Treatment

Who is this Personalized Experience for?

This is for anyone who lives in the present moment and deal with aches and pain or stress induced by physical, emotional and mental imbalances. This service promotes relaxation, tension relief of mind & body. Key benefits, products being used will soften and nourish the skin, improve sleep calms and heal skin issues. Repair and restore vitality to skin with mineral rich hydration.

Hospitality Includes:

Can be done before treatment or after treatment or both welcome to come 1hr before treatment and can stay up to 30mins after treatment for hospitality vice versa.

Water. Include brand choice.

Wine (red or white) or Champagne. 

White or Dark Liquor. 

Light refreshments, cheese board and fruit.

A small gift.

Menu can be customized.

Body Treatment Includes:

Scalp massage (optional)

A deeply relaxing and clarifying back treatment focused on refinement of hard to reach skin.

Request specific body areas.

Body oil or body scrub (body scrub includes a shower rinse)


Self taught not licensed I don’t provide deep tissue massages unless you ask for applied pressure, companionship sold separately. Price TBD starting at $175 for 1hr 10mins.