Looking for Steady Energy try a V8 +Energy®

Looking for steady energy try a V8 +Energy®
V8 +Energy® is a blend of fruits, vegetables, and green tea. It’s worth a try you’ll either become a fan or not. Try it.

Popular flavors

Pomegranate Blueberry

Orange Pineapple (which have been the most popular flavor through word of mouth)

Peach Mango 

img_0203I am a fan of Pineapple and Mango beverages it’s just too bad no one combined the two flavors for my taste buds to please me.

I know you’re probably wondering where does the energy come from you’ll be surprised that it comes from natural energy green tea leaves and contains no added sugar or artificial colors. Yes, a refreshing juice drink that gives you energy. Haven’t had your vitamin B this can have a great source of it.

I received these products for free along with 5 coupons to give to my family and friends for a free variety pack or 8oz can worth a value up to $5.25


Reviews for the Pomegranate Blueberry 

I don’t know if I was thirsty or the cans are just that small felt like I was about to swallow the can after one sip. After popping the can open I loved the mixture of scents nothing too harsh and smooth on the throat the aftertaste isn’t too bad.

“it’s good I tried to get more out of him and he said it’s very delicious and honestly, I didn’t think it was V8” unknown

“It was alright overall it was good. Wasn’t too much sugar didn’t really taste like it had chemicals and running all day gave me help and a boost of energy” Phil C. Anthropologist