Four For The Road

Where to go and what to pack? No matter the season because some people’s reality is dreams to us so when they dream I try to understand what exactly are their dreams? If I had to put myself in my own shoes on a different income level it would look like this. The sunglasses, bag and the slides are not the exact items I own but if I had to use my own I can to fit my style and it doesn’t have to be a designer. Everything else is products I own like the BVLGARI products and the book I’m currently reading. I too dream just like you. Continue reading “Four For The Road”


My Style Code

What kind of first impressions are you making?

One of my favorite things to do. Cut out styles that closely reflect my personal style It’s like making a mini style vision board. This turned on the lights in my head to think hmm… being mindful of how people are perceiving me. Do I look presentable, are they turned away because I have a style that doesn’t match them, or maybe the women who want to be found by their future husband but come out with scarves on their heads and pajamas (ikr) sidenote: This is my actual style and how I dress and would like to dress I didn’t make this up I went through a lot of magazines to find my style for less or more. I couldn’t fit everything. My style and similar. Continue reading “My Style Code”

3 Ways to look Effortlessly cute by Shopping Smart 

I look great because I shop smart. This is how I wear the latest trends and build my wardrobe for less and save money. Continue reading “3 Ways to look Effortlessly cute by Shopping Smart “