DIY Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ok here’s my first try at making chocolate covered strawberries. How did I do? You can be honest at least give me an E for effort and actually trying instead of saying I can’t.

I don’t know what made me decide on chocolate covered strawberries but I knew it couldn’t be that hard. I also love to Do it Yourself (DIY) in the kitchen activities and here’s to many more until I become a pro next thing you know I’ll be charging $3 a strawberry 12 at least (joking but serious)

Are you looking for a DIY activity for the hubs or your man and haven’t thought of anything. Let’s hope your man likes chocolate and strawberries (what are the odds) look a bit fun to have a serious conversation, but hey bae I still love you type of setting. Does romance always lead to the bedroom? (21 + up) maybe he’ll be more shocked and surprised you saved him money (shrugs)

This isn’t a How-To make chocolate covered strawberries recipe it’s more of an I wanted to make chocolate covered strawberries and show you that you can make them too. It’s pretty much self-explanatory I don’t have any tips & tricks to the chocolate I did add a little milk (stir) to keep the chocolate from sticking.

My 1st time trying Villa Jolanda MOSCATO & Strawberry Sparkling bubbly a champagne like wine. It felt like New Years all over again because this is really considered “popping a bottle” but only for $11.99 how much did your New Year cost you? This Sparkling wine is best served with sweets & pastries.


For the dipping chocolate, I used Baker’s it’s real milk chocolate so it’s yummy and good I actually put the chocolate into my Deco Chocolate Fondue I know right had to get fancy I couldn’t just use a bowl and melt the chocolate in the microwave. You can do so much with the Fondue it’s not just for chocolate maybe you want to heat dip, and sauce the possibilities are endless.








Prepare it with friends or your loved ones. Let me know about other ways you have fun creating your favorite desserts?

XOXO Ranisha


Understanding Retreats and Conferences

Travel Alert!!! Who is your agent? When was the last time you took a vacation or got away from the madness you complain about?

What is a retreat? When you hear the word retreat what comes to mine? Most people think of overnight stays with a few activities. Frequently asked questions will be. Is it bible based? Is it Christ centered? My answer to the FAQ’s would be to bring Christ with you if you feel the host don’t have enough Christ more is always better, because when you know someone personally and know their spiritual walk you can discern the environment you are being invited to. Check out this post this will to help you decide if fellowshipping with the host is a good fit for you.

What did you think a retreat was? A retreat is when you take time for yourself away from your busy life and busy schedule to unwind and relax if you’re not at a place for peace a retreat at this time is not for you. There are many ways to host and attend retreats you have spiritual retreats, spa retreats, vacation retreats, writing retreats (write a book on the beach), family retreats, and more depending on the purpose. Charms of Love is a vacation retreat with a spiritual journey. When Jesus went on his spiritual retreat he went in the desert for forty days to fast. Don’t hold yourself to the standard of retreating like Christ if that’s something you know you can’t do. We know when you go to a retreat you’re not going to be fasting especially attending my “Celebration of Love Prayer Brunch” there will be plenty to eat.

What did you think after hearing about Charms of Love Retreats and Getaways? How did you hear about us? If it was from the host herself what was your first reaction?

I let people know exactly what I do I want you to enjoy the goodness I’m offering you. It’s not about me it’s about finding restoration and time for yourself I open up my personal timeshare so you can come take advantage through me. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to come and join because I’m taking off with or without you. I don’t want people to think it’s about what church you go to, or I can’t come because my church isn’t going, we don’t like that church etc… you’re already starting off with the wrong attitude. You’re a grown adult and if you can’t make a basic decision for yourself I don’t think this vacation retreat is for you especially if you feel uncomfortable in my presence by yourself with my guest and company. I’m here to give you the desires of your heart being used by God to do so “vacation wise” think about the last person that invited you to come take a load off. Here are some links that can help you understand Charms of Love. What is Charms of Love Retreats? and the Mission Statement of Charms of Love.