Mineral Matrix 24K Gold Deep Sea Cosmetics

My skin needs a breakthrough I’m trying to enhance my skin hydration and take good care of it so my skin can stand the test of time.

What’s included
24K Gold Magnetizing Mask
24K Gold Post-Action Cream
24K Gold Facial Serum


I was so excited to try this product it sold me on a million reasons not only because he cut the price more than half. It’s a $2,700 product that I only paid $500 for (not sure if I was supposed to share that) sidenote: but show off your Hebrew language and your love for Israel when you deal with Israelis. The salesman said Cleopatra used this same product, it’s made in Israel, I have a product that came to me without going to Israel, and many other reasons. The Dead Sea is on my Bucket List. I’m still stuck on the fact that He said Cleopatra used this mask. Hmmm. How true is it? I know there is a similar product to this one called Black Pearl 24K Gold Cleopatra Mask which is $3,000 it’s something about the Middle Eastern women washing their face in GOLD I’m all for it. I’m blessed to be at a time in my life to experience this for myself. This stuff is PURE GOLD it stimulates the sensitive electrical resonance of skin as it absorbs into the deeper keratin, coaxing elastin to maintain its firming. Whatever that means my skin needs help.


Apply onto thoroughly cleansed dry face and neck as follows:

  1. Use the spatula to layer mask over entire face, avoiding the eye area.
  2. Allow mask to remain on for seven minutes.
  3. Activate magnetic cellular stimulation by gliding the tissue-wrapped magnetic bar (attached to the box) over face revealing a thin golden layer.
  4. Follow up by cleansing your face with your favorite DSC cleanser.

The DSC Mineral Matrix 24k Gold Magnetizing Mask energizing treatment effect will remain active on your face for up to 10 hours after it has been removed. Apply twice a week for best results.


The Mineral Matrix 24K Gold Deep Sea Cosmetics is good for rejuvenating action of minerals drawn from oxygen-rich Dead Sea water. Gold escorts oxygen molecules to the cellular level, helping refresh the skins ability to regenerate. And it balances skin texture and tone, reducing the appearance of discoloration by slowing melanin secretion.



“ZAHAV” means GOLD in Hebrew

Editor’s Notes: Style

I’m no beauty or fashion blogger, but these issues of People StyleWatch will have me transitioning faster than I think. They have some really cute items and products for fewer coins not that some of us need to duplicate a celebrity style, in fact, our own style is probably more fun than most celebrities. Have you seen a celeb with boring style? I know I have.

I’m about to work my butt off to be one of the People StyleWatch Beauty Blogger of the month. That is an awesome platform to be showcase. Have you heard of Essence Beauty Box I’m thinking about becoming a subscriber to feature a “Product Of The Month” in my Editor’s Notes it’s so many ways to have fun beauty blogging. I need to throw out all my excuses I’m actually in commute on my way to work to the GAP with a People StyleWatch magazine in my hand, yeah I know a Faith Blogger surrounded by Fashion. I have only reached the table of contents before I whipped out my phone notepad and found inspiration.

My everyday face wash $60 made in Israel. Dead Sea Regenerating Facial Cleanser.

The editor of People StyleWatch Susan Kaufman mentioned how she wore an H&M dress to a fashion event and got a ton of compliments because everyone thought it was a designer. Can we relate? Umm yeah, I worked at the Goodwill for 7 months I actually checked out NYC fashion designers. How many people can make hand me downs look designer? I’m the type of person that can tell the material of your jeans just by the back pockets of your jeans. American Eagle makes it so easy and so does Deb & Rainbow. You just got to know how to stand out. Does anyone remember Antik Denim? I go back and forth between favorites I’m still trying to find what accessories and clothing I’m obsessing over. Do any of you have the StyleWatch app? I just downloaded the app. The look that you see are actual pieces I got from the Goodwill and that was the outcome after I pieced everything together. I’m not sure if I made any sense, but I hope you understood what I was trying to say.