Four For The Road

Where to go and what to pack? No matter the season because some people’s reality is dreams to us so when they dream I try to understand what exactly are their dreams? If I had to put myself in my own shoes on a different income level it would look like this. The sunglasses, bag and the slides are not the exact items I own but if I had to use my own I can to fit my style and it doesn’t have to be a designer. Everything else is products I own like the BVLGARI products and the book I’m currently reading. I too dream just like you. Continue reading “Four For The Road”


Date Night in an​ Elegant Maxi Dress by GCGme

Front Slit V-Neck Kimono Batwing Sleeve Elegant Maxi Dress

I will be wearing this dress again and more than twice to show off my side slit. How comfortable is high-quality spandex material? Very comfortable especially when you can look classy and be sexy at the same time. Continue reading “Date Night in an​ Elegant Maxi Dress by GCGme”