Have Taco Tuesday At Home 

It’s Taco Tuesday in my house yes my house I don’t have to go too far to enjoy Taco Tuesday and you don’t neither unless you like the atmosphere of loud music and drinks that’s something I can also do right from home except I’m not a heavy drinker a little wine here and there.

I put this post together to show you how creative you can get by inviting friends over and creating a theme to set the evening mood let just hope everyone is up for Tacos, games, and fun. Depending on the number of people you will expect will determine the size of your Taco Bar. Prepping for 10 people won’t make sense if only 4 people are coming after stuffing your face with Tacos you might not want them the next day.

I purchased all ingredients from my local grocery store and I used what I liked or would want in my Tacos I’m not a vegan this week so I didn’t load up on veggies I used a few here’s a list of ingredients I used.

My meat choices were Chicken and Ground Turkey. I baked the Chicken and then shredded it to pieces then grilled it. Tomatoes, Avocado, Corn, pickled jalapeño slices (optional), finely shredded Mexican style Four cheese blend, lettuce, sour cream, Ortega Taco sauce, Nacho cheese flavored Taco Shells, and Old El Paso soft tortillas.








Homemade Ultra Nacho Supreme Salad 

This is my dinner craving I’m no pro cook or food blogger I like recipes when I want something I can cook at home. Great family appetizer or a planning snack. If you ordered this at a restaurant how much would you pay for this? I totaled up all the ingredients I got from my local supermarket/grocery store and it came up to $10.75 for 3+ servings.

Optional Ingredients:


Corn – I boiled the corn for a few minutes.

Cheese – finely shredded. I used the Mexican style that you would normally use for quesadillas.

Lettuce – optional I didn’t use lettuce or onions.

Sour Cream

Tomatoes – fresh diced or petite cut, however, you like them. Stay away from can tomatoes if you can.

Ground beef – I used my regular seasoning like Goya Adobo and then I added Taco Bell Taco seasoning mix. Some people won’t use seasoning and just use the Taco Seasoning but I use both.

Ortega Taco Sauce – Medium





Mexican Food at Hot Harry’s Burritos

I have become this huge fan of Hot Harry’s so big I’m on their mailing list as part of the VIP club to receive discounts and coupons for free food. I mean who wouldn’t want free food? Hot Harry’s is a Mexican Restaurant and I love cultural food.

This dip is a third of the 3 dip choices you can choose from with your free nachos that come with every purchase and I always get this same dip. It’s kept by the soda machine to help yourself. I do a very good job at helping myself.



You’re probably wondering how did I get this dip into a glass bowl where it looks like I made it from home. There is no limit to how much you can take (shh..) I said I do a very good job at helping myself (shrugs) I usually take (6) 2oz cups with lids that will make his full bowl. This post isn’t sponsored. Ok, to be honest, I took 2 more than I usually do because I knew what I was up to. Depending on what time I eat I’ll wait to eat the dip as an appetizer before dinner or lunch the next day.


What you see in the bowl is Corn, Beans, Peppers, Onions, and Tomatoes. I don’t like their tortilla chips so, I buy my own and I get the Tostitos Multigrain Scoops! this is a good party dip or a refreshment when creating or having meetings.