Samples Samples Samples don’t be afraid to ask for samples before you try a product. I stopped in Macy’s to see what promotions and samples were available. Continue reading “Macy’s”

30 Minute at Home Spa Facial

This is a customized 10 Step Facial I’ll be adding to my routine these are the products I’ll be using courtesy of an long time esthetician who is also my coworker at the Spa she gifted me with these lovely and beautiful products valued OVER $ 1,151 (jaw drop) I can’t wait to try them all there’s a ton more. Thank you Amy (hugs). Continue reading “30 Minute at Home Spa Facial”

The Spa Experience

When you are a Spa Therapist Assistant, Spa Therapist, or work in a Spa doing spa things it can be rewarding to take work home with you. If you’re not already doing this create a in home spa to give yourself the full benefit of selfcare. Continue reading “The Spa Experience”


Thank you OLAY for sending these samples so I can try your product. Even if I don’t use them myself I can put these in my gift bags for raffles for my Arts & Fashion program. I have a ton of products and now that I’m working in a Spa products is going to keep coming. Continue reading “OLAY”

Enjoy A Renewal Retreat

A Renewal Retreat

Let’s retreat and refresh our everyday busy lives. Are you just kind of moping around feeling empty because you have nothing left to dump out. Let this be a personal retreat. You know the best time of the day, week, or month when you get peace and quiet time to yourself.

I know we experienced or tried having a prayer closet don’t stop there let this inspire you to create an area in your house where you can retreat often or when needed.

You don’t have to do this alone invite someone over for relaxation someone who gets it. Now if you want to go out and buy recliners for this special retreat I’m not stopping you in case that person is me. Set a theme I love floor pillows here’s what I did to the other side of my room when I wanted to create reading space. Continue reading “Enjoy A Renewal Retreat”