Living a Dream with Shea Dawson

I am so excited and honored to have Le’Sheala Dawson aka Shea (bububutta on IG) I might start calling her Shea Butta my nickname for her. Let’s welcome Shea here and thank her for stopping by the blog to grace us with her presence. Some of you may know Shea and those who don’t Shea is the Manager of Team Programs and Player Services for the Philadelphia 76ers where she helps players at their appearances, and provide visiting families with a VIP experience in the Philadelphia area. Shea is also an NBA Summer League alumni working as part of the Game Operations crew in charge of getting the crowd excited and give you the Summer League experience you can only dream of. The girl knows her stuff especially in the business of sports and when it comes to serving others. Continue reading “Living a Dream with Shea Dawson”


It’s Never too late for any Physical Activity

What do you eat? Are you eating whole foods made by God? If it grows from a plant eat it and if it was made in a plant leave it on the shelf. Many times we go to the supermarket without reading labels or checking ingredients. We tend to eat food based on our taste buds and not checking if it might be good for us, but it tastes delicious. Food tip: A great way to start healthy eating is to clean out your pantry. Eat more light and smaller portions don’t overstuff yourself. Don’t wait until it’s too late and complain that you wish you have eaten healthier or exercise more your lifestyle starts with you. The Bible tells us “So whether you eat drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31

Think of all your favorite foods and the attitude and moods it put you in. When going out to eat with friends do you call the eating shots or do you just agree with someone else’s taste buds? Think about that. If you’re not in a restaurant with a variety of servings how fair would it be if your date wants pizza and you are craving Chinese food? Enjoy a healthy appetite spending time with people you love doesn’t mean sitting around. Get some fresh air and work up a healthy appetite for the next feast as you enjoy each other’s company. God says that you are to be the caretaker of your body.

Don’t blame anyone else for your poor eating habits and choices. How well do you fight temptation when it comes to something in your control? The Bible tells us “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him” James 1:12 perhaps you can memorize this scripture to overcome temptation when being put to the test. We all struggle with finding ways of disciplining ourselves.

There are ways we can change our brains based on what we eat. Allow me to remind you to start your day with protein eat regular intervals and don’t drink liquid sugar calories. Once you learn to eat right lets tone your body up with some good ole exercise. I remember reading a quote by Dr. Mark Hyman “You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet” point to ponder. Whatever you do your goal should be to feel good all around. Strengthening your body with fitness. There are many great benefits of exercising, but how about how to get motivated and find movement you enjoy. Explore the joy and power of healthy living. Discover the direct connection between the mind, body, and spirit all necessary components to happiness.

Set goals that will open yourself up to a fresh new lifestyle. Empower yourself to live the life you long for. You are the best physician you will ever be based on your daily activity. Energy is the power that turns intention into reality. It’s never too late for any physical activity it’s too soon to quit. May you feast on all the joys of healthy living. Increase the length and beauty of your life. Don’t lose your motivation because you may not have a prize continue to work twice as hard. Have you met with a nutritionist yet? No need to beat yourself up there is always room for improvement.

The best exercise you can do is walk if you do nothing else. Give yourself a regular exercise program whether it’s walking, running, swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, or dancing. Any fitness program will help you handle stress because it gives strength to all the body’s systems. I encourage you to remain active here is a quote I heard and it stuck with me “You are as young as you feel” don’t claim old age when your still active and moving. I want to leave you with this the next time you see an elder jogging don’t focus on the looks think of how they feel. The greatest wealth is health. The power of possibility.