Charms of Love Purpose Planning


 Host: Ranisha Grice 

Title: Charms Of Love Purpose Planning

Target Audience: Purpose Planners

Length: 2-3 hours

Workshop Goal: Participants will gain skill and knowledge to be effective planners.

Learning Objectives: Participants will

  • Be able to take action and apply concepts in their plans and intentions.
  • Learn key training principles, including how to incorporate hands-on activities, and gather accountability.
  • Be able to plan quality work and events.
  • Discover their potential and making the vision plain.


Welcome to Charms of Love Purpose Planning! Let’s not forget to incorporate the word of God into our lives as well as in our planning. Charms of Love Purpose Planning helps you accomplish all of your goals while keeping Christ at the center. A step by step guide to creating visions, missions, and goals for your life that stick. I want to help you execute your strategic planning for this year, next year, and even a lifetime.


  1. Design a Vision Board

  2. Take Action – Action Chart, Improve your life, Improve your relationship with God, and Signing a covenant with God.

  3. Scripture – Knowing your favorite Scripts by book, chapter, and verse.

  4. Weekly Devotional – How often to receive a devotional, or writing your own.

  5. Scheduling – Events, Appts, Prayer Time (you may say I pray every day, but did you actually make time for God), Having Time, and Wasted Time.

  6. Top Priorities – A to-do list, and When to have your to-do list done.

  7. Progress Tracker – Your Habits, Accomplishments, Housekeeping, and Connections/Networks.

  8. Goals – Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Love, Business, Health, and Financial. Bible Study (what are you getting out of bible study other than notes), Work, and more.

  9. Bucket List – Current year, Next 5 Years, and Lifetime.

  10. Expectations – From God, Yourself, and others around you.

  11. Reflection – Day, Week, Month, Previous Month, and Root Causes.

  12. Wisdom – Sharing your wise advice (seeking wise counsel). Mastering your expertise.

Prefer in-person, However, this can be done through a virtual live stream such as Facetime or Skye whatever you prefer. All Materials and Supplies are included along with Food and Beverage.

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